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Month: January 2012

Why I BloG…..

Because sometimes I can’t throw darts at my husband’s photo…

And my colleagues are starting to talk behind my back…

BWHAHAHAHA…. I don’t give a crap

I made it! Granted I’m running outta credit for therapy

I made it! Granted I’m running outta credit for therapy.


People, including my own family, use to comment on how great my relationship with my Mother-in-law is… And me not knowing any other way with thought – Great! SO maybe I just have a great Mother-in-law….. Fast forward a few years and Junior was born. Then Mother-in-law became Expert on how to raise Junior. Stop the bus right there! This is my child you had yours, so for love of chocolate let me raise(fck up) my child my way. You had your chance!

If you’re such an expert, then why is it that you don’t get along with any of your 3 kids. No thanks, I’ll do what I deem best for Junior.

Yesterday, I get a call from Mother-in-law (MIL). She’s at the shops and wants to buy Junior some clothes. She needs to know what size to buy.


Me: 2-3yrs. I don’t buy things big to get some wear out of it. I’ll rather just buy again. I like my child to be presentable and neat and not look like he’s wearing his father’s jacket for crying out loud.

MIL: Oh, ok. ‘Cos I bought 3 – 4yrs.

Me: Ok, thanks, Bye

Two hours later, again same phone call…

Me: Hello Ouma

MIL: You know, I was so unhappy when I got home that I thought maybe I should go back and change the clothes. But even FIL (Father-in-law) says that the clothes will fit Junior.

Me: Stop stressing. I’m sure it’ll be fine. Thanks

MIL: I’ll keep the receipt in case you want to change it.

Me: Ok, Bye

Moral of the story –  I am Junior’s parent! I get to decide!

I think that both Mother and MIL have realised that I’m not going to take their shit anymore…I have a very sensitive and loving BUT manipulative MIL. She’s very intelligent and well-educated yet I still see through all the KAK! I promise you will here more about MIL on this blog.

My Mother is whole other topic. Talk about multiple personalities and frequent ( I think self-induced) amnesia. Will tell you about her some other time.

Cheers for now


<Thinking about my Mother and MIL makes me want to have a drink>

P.S It’s only 09:52am.

I need Smurfette, Baby Smurf & Papa Smurf

So on my drive to work after sitting in gridlocked traffic for a very very very long time, I see this dude running across the road with a bunch of smurfs.

<If I see him again – I’ll ask him if i can take his picture for my blog>

After my manic morning ( and I managed to finish my breakfast and lunch whilst in traffic), I realise I need the smurfs. Lightbulb moment – I just tell my husband that I bought them for Junior but then I can secretly gloat over them at home.

I decide I need Smurfette, Baby Smurf and Papa Smurf. Now to flag down the dude so I can buy them. I hoot, wave, call, hoot, wave, scream (dude – bring me a smurf) but to no avail. Dude ran in the opposite direction and the motorists around me thought I was a deranged b*tch, who probably needed to fulfil her childhood dream of owning a smurf.


On a different note, I thought about the family dynamics of the Smurfs. They’re just as dysfunctional as any normal family in todays day and age. Does anyone know who Baby Smurfs mama is? Or who’s his daddy?

Who’s Papa is Papa Smurf? Why is Smurfette the only girl featured?


I made it! Granted I’m running outta credit for therapy

Hello World

So I needed another avenue that was almost like therapy but without the costs involved as I’m running outta therapy credit… And I think my better half thinks that I’m wasting my time in therapy (we’ll discuss that later).

I would like to give you an update as to who I am but frankly I’m not sure who I am just yet…

What I can say is that:

1. I’m a girl

2. I’m a wife

3. I’m a mom to a 2year old

You might wonder why I need therapy (and I promise I will fill you in later) but it’s because:

1. I come from a dysfunctional (that’s putting it mildly and being diplomatic) family

2. I don’t know how to let go of my issues

3. I’m so over this crap of living in the past…

Chat soon


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