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Fresh as Baby Sta-soft

I have this thing with Dudie about smelling his breath after he brushes his teeth. We make a game out of it, much like the scene in Despicable me where Gru asks the girls if they brushed their teeth.

Back to the point, on Monday I left Dudie unattended for 2seconds, I promise it was no longer than 5 seconds… But let me just say that I had a feeling Murphy would get me back. Do you know that for the 29 months of my son’s existence he has never just pick up things and popped them into his mouth. He’d bring the said item to us almost to as if getting approval to eat/chew/lick etc. Woohoo, I was such a proud mom!

But on Monday I got that feeling that I just need to see what this kid is up too and low and behold – he bit a hole into the sta-soft refill and was busy sucking the contents out of the bag!!!!!!!!!!

My response: Ooh, fresh as baby soft!

Disclaimer: Please note that no kids were harmed!

I would never intentionally burn the house down.

So on Saturday, we decided to have a braai (it’s a barbeque with a real wood fire and proper meat – for those who don’t know). And my Dude asked if I would make rooster broodjies (braai bread/rolls).

I obliged and to speed up the process of waiting for my dough to rise – I put it in the oven and turned the oven on. Just a bit to warm it up and then I’d switch it off again. Now, I have done this before and it worked like a charm. All you do is wrap your (plastic) bowl, with dough, in a cloth and store in lukewarm oven…

How I almost burnt the house down

Then I proceeded to play with Dudie outside whilst Dude was braaing the meat. Tadadaum (insert scary music) – Dude goes to get the dough… A few minutes later he comes back and says “you need to check on your dough”. I realise shit there must be a problem. I run and guess what I find. A cloth which used to be white is now burnt brown. A plastic bowl is now stuck to the fucking oven rack and the melted bits of plastic is all over the oven. The dough, dead! I managed to salvage some to make 8 rolls…
On the upside, the meat was awesome! Well done Dude! You haven’t braaied like this in a while.  Lesson learnt – do not leave oven unattended when attempting to speed up rising process.

Do take not to burn your house down

Please do not try this at home. My Dude had a shit fit about how the house could’ve burnt down and blah blah blah. I’m not mocking you but really, I thought I was suffering paranoia…

Spirited Mama

Me on Monday ( A full week late – That’s how I roll)

Charlotte over at Scaredmom’s blog has tagged me in this and now I have to share things with you that I’m not sure how many people know about me…

The idea:
– Post 11 things about yourself
– Answer the questions given
– Set 11 new questions
– Tag 11 people

Random Facts
1. I love holidays.
2. I think hope that I can sing (somewhat) as I sing all the time for my son, even in public – true story – another shopper said oh sweet – you’re singing a duet with your son???
3. I’m addicted to chocolate.
4. I love good food.
5. I love my son and husband but sometimes they make me go ape shit!
6. I quit smoking on Friday 20 January 2012 at 2pm. Still going strong.
7. I have a very very dysfunctional relationship with my parents!
8. I was told by an expert that I’m 16 kg’s overweight to heavy for my BMI??? WTF?
9. I wish I had a magic wand.
10. I’m a very paranoid mother. Seriously, I’ll run to cushion his fall.
11. I want to run: Two Oceans in 2013 and the Comrades in 2014?

My Questions answered:

1. If you were to have unlimited funds for a themed birthday party, what would the theme be and why?
A snowy Disneyland crossed with a Construction site and F1 racing. I love snow. Disneyland as I, yes me at the age of 28 freaks out like a 2yr old when I see a fun fair with rides and candyfloss. Construction because my Dudie loves cranes, trucks, buses, tractors and diggers. And F1 racing as I’m a speedster.

2. What is your fantasy job and why?

I have ahem:

Chocolate taster – see random fact no. 3

F1 driver – I love the adrenalin rush

A government employee – I need the flexibility and me time with the fat paycheck

3. What is your ultimate favourite “me” thing to do?

It used to be having my 9pm smoke outside in the garden sitting on my bench and taking stock of what we’ve achieved thus far. I gave up smoking so now I sit there and sip my ice-cold Savanna.
4. What is your favourite item of clothing?

Shoes glorious shoes!!!!!

5. If you were offered an extreme makeover, would you do it – if not, why? If so, what would you change about your appearance?

No, because this is the me that I know. I’m still discovering me. And though it’s not always rosy, I’m getting to know me. I wouldn’t mind a breast lift though. Hehehe
6. Summer or Winter? Why?

Winter, ‘cos I can snuggle up to my Dude and Dudie. Watch movies, drink hot chocolate and wear the most gorgeous cashmere sweaters! P.S. GP has dry winters so if I was still in CPT then I’d say Summer.
7. Have you ever met someone famous? Who and when?

Not that I can remember, so they could have been famous. Hehehe

8. What is your most cherished item?

My little Dudie.
9. What is your greatest fear?

The way that I would die. It’s because no one knows how it’ll end…
10. What motivates or inspires you?

Seriously, my Dude (husband). I now see the trend of how he’s been giving me pep talks (for 11yrs) before I feel down.
11. How many pairs of shoes do you own!?

Last time I checked 26 pairs (2months ago and this was after I gave away 2 black bags full – I’m not kidding – my Dude forced requested me to donate them as they’re just there). Since then I have purchased 4 new pairs.

 My 11 questions for you:

1. Do you have a role model? If yes, why did you choose him/her?

2. What type of relationship do you have with your parents?

3. Do you parent the way your parents did?

4. Are you a leader/follower?

5. Favourite Music?

6. What do you prefer: Spouse’s morning breath or baby first poo nappy?

7. What could you not live without besides your kids?

8. Do you have real friendships?

9. Share one thing that no one knows about you

10. What would be your ideal holiday?

11. Tell us anything/maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted to say

Now, I’m new to the blogging but have been reading blogs for a while. I must admit I do not follow or comment regularly but I’ll tag:

1. Remember when we were young

2. Dear Max

3. ZA to CH

4. Things I can’t say

5. A Little Less Fluff

6. Anyone else wanting to particpate as I have a sh&t load of work and really should not be blogging right now but ather catching up on work… sigh… sigh

Holiday… Come back, please….

Ok, so we (The Spirited Family) have been on holiday for the week and man it was good to do N.O.T.H.I.Ng although we did most recreational activities that were on offer.

We rode on the BUS! Dudie is Bus befok! I kid you not. This kid screamed like a “speen varkie” aka baby pig when he saw the bus and realised that we’re getting onto it. We did take several trips past our accommodation as Dudie threatened a tantrum when we wanted to get off the bus. So we rode the bus the entire week!

<On two mornings we decided that we’d rather walk than catch the bus. Did this kid freak out when the bus passed us! We had to promise to ride the bus later.>

We enjoyed good coffee from the Seattle Coffee Co and Dudie loved his “Baby Foamy”. I thought this was too cute. He also loved his cake ( a huge choc chip muffin).

We spent the week swimming, lying in the sun, playing games, running from monkeys, eating good food (Dude decided that we’re dining out all week – No cooking), visiting the crocodile sanctuary, riding the bus, riding the train, see the animals at the mini zoo, Dude taking us on the dam with a speed boat, collecting a balloon every day from Wimpy, enjoying our midday siestas with Dudie to recharge.

Thank you Dude and Dudie for an awesome family holiday! I’m planning the next.

P.S. Dudie asked if we could go in the train.. I said yes my child, we’re going in the big train next month to CPT!!!!

P.P.S. I love holidays

Cheers! It’s the Weekennnddddddddd BaaaaaaaaabbbbbbY

Ignorance is Bliss, really

I’m on my journey of self discovery… Yeah, if my husband could comment he’d probably say it’s journey numberXXX with a couple of zeros added to it. Nevertheless, I’m learning. O.K!

So I’ve decided that ” I choose to LivE” and I choose a “HappY Life” and I need to make it a happy life! It’s tough like nail-biting, wanting to go cry in the toilet over your problems ‘cos the world doesn’t understand what I’m going through tough!

My first “great” idea in a long time came on my drive home on Tuesday evening. It was hot and humid. I decide not to tempt Murphy ,cos I might end up with a sick child if we have a night swim> so I opt for a picnic at the field in our neighbourhood. I call the husband <he gets home 2hrs before me and as a bonus he collects the Dudie at playschool> and advise instruct him to get the picnic blanket and ball as we’re going for a picnic! 

I pick up DUde & Dudie, we get Fish & Chips take aways and yummy Caramel Sundaes from McDonald’s! We go have our picnic and what a happy family bonding time it was.

Then Yesterday when I got home we erected Dudie’s kiddie tent in the living room. Put a mattress inside and the three of us watched “Horton hears a Who” from the tent! We ate fish fingers with Sweet Chilli sauce and some left over Mac and Cheese. We also had a few chocolates, the teeny tiny bite-size ones. I’m sure if you put them together, it would constitute to a slab in any case. Blah! We love chocolate!

After our bonding session and after Dudie was bathed and put to bed, I stared at my living room which looked like shit! Toys and play dough and balls and balloons and shoes and some crumbs and chocolate papers Everywhere.   But I focussed on the positive and reminded my self that my Dude & Dudie doesn’t care for a spotless shiny house, it’s the time we spend together that matters! And Dudie – Ignorance is Bliss. For now, you need not worry about a unorganised house! YOu’ll have enough time to worry when you’re an adult.

P.S. After analysing my situation and trying to give myself a pep talk to clean up, I decided to lie on the couch and file & shape my nails….

P.P.S. I did eventually pick up some stuff. Just made the area livable again as tonight there’ll be chaos again. But I’m loving this chaos. As an added bonus the domestic assistant is on duty tomorrow. Dudie, we’re going out!!!!

 P.P.P.S I think that I’m finding my inner child again. Is that possible????

Finding me – phase 1

I recently came across Things I Can’t Say, and woe is me you need to check this:


I read this when I was at a low point and needed to be reminded of the positive…

Guess who’s reading…

I was asked “How do you get people to read your blog?”

My response: I don’t. Some times they find it themselves.

And sometimes I read and re-read my posts.


But guess what – You’re reading it too. Hahahaha

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