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  1. I wrote a similar post yesterday – absolutely agree with this “Secure your oxygen mask first before you assist fellow passengers” also – you can’t pour from an empty cup really reminds me to fill my cup!!

    • spiritedmama1

      Thanks Jonelle. I need to check out your post 🙂 I have to constantly remind myself…sometimes life gets too busy and I tend to neglect myself.

  2. One of my favourite examples in life is the oxygen mask – what use are you if you’ve already passed out. Rathe secure your mask, so you can be a greater help!

    • spiritedmama1

      Agreed Megan. I have used this example multiple times but this time, it just clicked with him. Maturity levels stepped up perhaps 🙂

  3. The oxygen mask thing is hard to swallow. I’ve realised that I try to fix or help others ahead of myself, not putting my mask on first before doing that.

    • spiritedmama1

      I hear you Melissa. It’s not easy to take care of yourself when you know someone else needs you too. But it is necessary. Some people are born to be carers…

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  5. Love this series and specifically this part. I have been struggling to make time for myself in between family demands. A great reminder that I need to look after myself before I can look after my family. You can’t pour from an empty cup. #lekkerlinky

    • spiritedmama1

      You’re welcome Jeannette. Making time for myself is my biggest challenge too.

  6. This is such a good point. I’m so glad you linked it up to the same #lekkerlinky as Nadia’s post because she’s running on empty and this is such a good reminder to her and to all of us to just look after ourselves first so we can do everything else we have to do.
    Thanks for linking up! x

    • spiritedmama1

      Thanks Carly. I guess at some point we all run on empty…and we all need gentle reminders to prioritise ourselves.

  7. I think once we parents, we often forget to put ourselves on the priority list. Since my kids are older now, I’m prioritising myself. Showing kindness to myself even if it is just taking time out for myself or doing small things for myself. It’s so true what you saying about securing your own oxygen mask first before trying to help others. See to yourself first and your own wellbeing before trying to remedy others – what’s the use you are broken – how is that going to help others. Love this post #lekkerlinky

    • spiritedmama1

      Thanks Noleen. It’s easier said than done as I guess for some of us it’s human nature to take care of others first. Well done on prioritising yourself.

  8. It is a continuous struggle and reading pieces are a sign to reflect and take back a piece of oneself. I love this series and the irony is I need to take more time out to read it because I need these reminders #lekkerlinky

    • spiritedmama1

      Thanks Chanene. I’m going through some struggles doing this series…but it is necessary to reflect and like you said “take back a piece of oneself”.

  9. This post really gets your brain thinking. Its such a tough questions but we all know the answer. We cant give off our ourselves if there is nothing to give. Thanks for a great post! #lekkerlinky

  10. MrsFF

    Real food for thought! Secure your oxygen mask before helping others!!! Your tank needs to be replenished before you can give to others. Essential reminder

    • spiritedmama1

      Thanks MrsFF. Sometimes we run on empty tanks and can’t figure out why we just have nothing left to give…My tank needs to be replenished soon:-)

  11. Ah…I should have read this first before commenting on the post I just commented on …actually, I need to read the entire series, I love your style of writing, it certainly resonates with me

    • spiritedmama1

      🙂 I saw the other comment. Thanks Nicola. Will love to hear your thoughts… Trying to take in the positives from everyone. Happy it resonates with you. It’s great to hear that people can relate. Adds to my purpose for blogging.

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