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A walk in the Zoo

I’ve been meaning to take Dudie to the Pretoria Zoo for a while now but the weather has been rather iffy. It’s chilly in the morning but gloriously wonderful in the afternoon. We used to do the Funwalk in the Zoo monthly, even whilst I was pregnant. Then I gave birth, and in between surviving a new born and trying to be civil in my marriage(think that sleep deprivation does not suit either myself or Dude), and  Winter approaching I decided to hold off on the funwalks.

Well, we did pick it up again but then somehow it fell through the cracks again. Generally we have a “wing it attitude” over most weekends. But our special moment, every Saturday(or only if Mommy can really fall out of bed) is visiting the Pretoria Boeremark.

They start at 5am, and no there is no way in hell that I will be there at 5am. Albeit, I have been there at 6am on occasion. Lately, we get there anytime from 8am. They generally pack up after 10am. It’s fun. It’s great. And it’s refreshing.

Our ritual could be either:

1. Mommy buys the weeks fresh produce. Dudie gets to pull/push the rented trolley thing. Or he just happily sits in it and I have to pull/push him, shove a dozen things into my shopper bag and walk through a really crowded space. We buy 4-5 pancakes and a can of coke, then we proceed to the pond area to feed the ducks/geese/turkey/chicken/doves all the left over bread of the week.

2. We buy 4-5 pancakes and a can of coke, then we proceed to the pond area to feed the ducks/geese/turkey/chicken/doves all the left over bread of the week.

This is my Happy Space! And I indulge in it a bit longer every Saturday. Because the weather is good and the Dudie loves just being there. Even the Dude loves being there, on the weekends that he is home.

Oh, did I mention that I live 10 steps away from this market 🙂

Back to the Zoo, with warmer days approaching, I think it’s time for a trip to the Zoo again. Last time we went on the skytrain. I think I had more fun than Dudie….

P.S. Last week Sunday we visited the Mclaren Circus and Dude mentioned that it’s as if we came to the circus for me. I was that excited 🙂


Happy Friday Folks! Have an awesome weekend.

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Another Award for me! Really, it’s not in my head


  1. We used to be Boeremark regulars- every Saturday weather permitting and I once did a nice picture post on it. But these days we often sleep a bit later and the Princess often has school stuff so we sometimes opt for the Hazel food market which is just around the corner for us. We had a lovely day at the zoo two Fridays ago-will do a photo post later this week

  2. I wanted to say I enjoys your blog so much that I nominated you for a couple of awards. Enjoy!
    Peach State

  3. We used to be Boeremark regulars but the kids are now sleeping a bit later, so we often pop in at the Hazel food market. WE recently had a lovely day at the zoo – post to follow.

    • I wish I or Dudie could sleep until 9 ish… I can dream right? W ehave missed our trips recently and I feel so bad when we don’t go and feed the geese 🙂 The highlight is getting pancakes and feeding the geese

  4. JUst posted a Pretoria zoo post

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