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Because he loves water

Dudie, your love for water will get you into shit! With Daddy – hahaha!!!! And sometimes Mommy!

My Dudie loves water. This has been the case in like forever!  He can easily consume 2l of H2O per day. This will include tap water, bottled water, bath water, pool water, soapy dishwashing water! I kid you not and I shudder to think of the other possibilities around our house. We have dogs/fish/birds/wishing well/toilets…

After the Sta-soft incident on Monday, Dudie wanted to help wash the dishes whilst I cook some dinner last night. Note that Dude when to run Dudie’s bath whilst Dudie was under my supervision in the kitchen! Please note that I was juggling a hot pan with oil, some other food elements all whilst trying to balance Dudie on his step stool infront of the sink. I turn for a split second and my child scooped some lovely dirty soapy water with one of the dirty mugs and drank it. He even made that Aahhhhh sound afterwards.

I’m trying not to laugh and reckon that he’s been drinking bath water for almost 2.5yrs so he should be ok, right! In walks Dude and his response WTF? <Did I mention that 2minsprior Dude and I had a minor disagreement> He probably wanted thought of calling child services but he did the responsible thing and removed the child from the sink. He proceeded to bath him and then fed him some very nutritious dinner.

I giggled a bit. Such is life. There is no manual for parenting. It is merely someone’s opinion of their trials and errors. Whilst my child is alive, healthy and kicking we will experience life day-to-day – dirty water and all.

P.S. initially I did fret about this child drinking bath water. And on one occasion I spoke to a friend of mine, she’s an environmentalist specialist. Her response was simple: ‘At least he won’t be constipated!” Well that eased my mind. And yes, he’s as regular as can be.

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  1. alittlelessfluff

    I used to freak out about my daughter always wanting to put things in her mouth. I still get hypertensive over the lotion, bubble bath, bum cream. Paper not so much anymore! haha.
    I see that I have been tagged. I will try my utmost to get to this. I will. I will. I will.

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