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Can I get a high five? Gold Star?

You may or may not have read about my family history… Let’s move on already

My Mother-in-law is also something spectacular. Although, she’s not half as bad as some MIL’s and although we had/have a good relationship, she has her moments. And I remind myself that she is still my MIL!

A good few weeks ago I decided, for my own sanity, to distance myself from MIL. She has this way of manipulating a situation, or making it seem as if you misinterpreted a situation when in fact what she said then is not what she’s saying right now! I know that she knows, that I’m keeping my distance from her. At times, I do not even take her call. I didn’t even bother to return the call.

It’s been working well, for me :-)! For her, I guess not. And not for the Dude either. His mother now calls him almost daily, to “off-load”. Yesterday, he alerted me to the fact that she was going through her bitchy phase.

Basically, according to Dude, his mom runs through phases, i.e. highs, bitchy, sad and feeling sorry for herself, depressed, repeat cycle.

So I had to call her today. I know that she knows that I wanted to end that conversation soon. But she put on her happy voice and chatted and laughed etc. We managed a full 7mins… Well, I guess I’ll wait to hear what Dude says tonight. Whether she called him or not.

I’ve realised that distancing myself was the best decision for me. I have my own stuff to deal with and I really can’t take on the world’s problems right now.

It’s funny how, I’m a bit off, well that’s putting it mildly. My Dude seems irritated too… Dudie is the only one who’s currently bouncing off the walls… And that makes me happy!

Dudie has come up with his own reward system…. Imaginary stars! I kid you not. He will tell you when he deserves/needs to get a star. And you need to pretend to stick one on his forehead! And if he feels that you deserve a star, you too will be rewarded. I love his fantasy play. I love how he talks to his stuffed animals…. And in his sleep. He’s just like his parents – brain doesn’t switch off! That child can have a conversation in his sleep

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  1. Oh I love his imagination! And with me, it’s MY mom that is manipulating and not my MIL

    • Oi, let’s not get started on my Mother! She will put me in an institutuon with all her crap!
      Yes, I too love his imagination.

  2. I have wanted to post something like this on my site and you have given me an idea. Cheers.

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