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Ever considered buying a car seat as the Christmas gift?

** disclaimer – This is NOT a sponsored post. We actually BOUGHT the car seat and have been using it almost a year now. I just wanted to share some information with you and challenge your thinking.*

***The two seats in the featured image – 1985 is the seat that Dudie’s teacher, Mrs R-thank you for sending me the picture, used when she was a little girl. This was an actual car seat and lawd alone knows how that seat could have passed safety testing. 2018 is the seat that Troll is currently using.

Reality is little Johnny is not going to be phased with the latest and greatest toy. And I bet that your sweet angel will be playing with pots/pans/cups/cutlery and vegetables almost as quickly as you take down your Christmas tree. Just out of interest, do you buy your baby/toddler expensive gifts/practical gifts?

In the Spirited house – Safety first – NO compromise. The car does not move until you have your belt on and that goes for every single occupant, adult and child alike. Before the kids came along, Dude and I followed this rule regardless. It  has become a natural habit for us. You get in, put your seat belt on and start the car. Even Dudie and Troll know the drill, belts on! Period.

I challenge you to think rationally and consider buying a car seat. It is an INVESTMENT. With the festive season in full swing, you might be travelling or not. BUT driving down the road is just as dangerous than taking on a road trip. You just don’t know what lies ahead. Are you sure that you are giving your child(ren) the best safety options, considering what is best for you?


Image credit from @CARSEATFULLSTOP.ORG

I get that budgets differ and as parents we all try to do the best we can in the present moment and circumstance. But I still see way too many kids bobbing around on the seats in moving vehicles on the road. I cringe when my extended family think that I’m being a hard ass about the fact that my children MUST be strapped in EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY ARE IN A CAR! They are my children and I must ensure that I protect them as best I can!

We are currently use the Be Safe iZi Combi x4 isofix for Troll. Yes, I know it’s not an average priced car seat but here are some of the reasons why we bought it anyway:

  • Safety crash tested
  • Can be used rear or forward facing, although I prefer to keep Troll rear facing. He loves it and chats to me via his mirror  🙂 Dude has used the seat forward facing…
  • Can be secured with either isofix or seat belt
  • Comes with SIP (Side Impact Protection)
  • Excellent value for money
  • And Troll seems very comfortable in this seat, being a slightly bigger than average child.

*Don’t fret if you don’t have isofix fittings in your car, securing the car seat with the seat belt actually feels very sturdy.

Click here for more information about the iZi Combi x4 car seat.

Troll and I recently visited the Born Fabulous office in Johannesburg. Here is Troll in the iZi Flex Fix iSize (New Booster Seat from BeSafe).


Troll testing the izi Flex Fix booster seat

He is not ready to move over to this seat as I think he can still get some good wear out of his iZi Combi. But I was keen to see this seat as it is more suitable for Dudie, still in a booster seat at 9 years old and will be in a seat until he is 12 years old if I can help it.

An interesting feature is that the seat is a smaller version of the previous booster and the SIPs (Side Impact Protection) are removable. Technically, you can now fit 3 of these seats next to each other on your back seat. I’ve seen the question of “which seats can be recommended if you need to fit 3 car seats into your vehicle” pop up often. Well, here is something that you might want to consider if you need three car seats on your back seat. 

Click here for more information on the iZi Flex Fix iSize.

Another upgrade is the belt collector. We’ve used version 1 and although it served it’s purpose, I am way more impressed with the new belt collector. Here’s a demo of how to install it.

Today, I want to challenge you to rethink your Christmas gift guide.

Would you buy a car seat as a Christmas gift? Why not get family members to chip in and buy a collective gift, re: car seat? 

Spirited Mama


** After months of extended research and speaking to industry we decided that BeSafe was our best option. There are many people willing to give advice BUT I do recommend that you chat to Mandy Lee Miller at CarSeatFullstop for expert and proven advice and guidance. You can also chat via the facebook page and join the conversation with other parents also looking for advice.


Is your child armed and ready?

I found this post  on “The MOM Diaries”

I Lost My 3 Year-Old While Playing Hide And Seek PLUS Safety Tips!

Reading that headline – My heart sank. Now I have not personally had such an experience (hopefully I will not) but it can HAPPEN to ANYONE. Kids are fast and incredibly creative/inventive/sneaky/escape artists etc…

I AM the paranoid mom. I bought the baby strap to keep Dudie in tow when we went out. People were disgusted that I put my child on a leash -guess what he is safe and with me was my very diplomatic response. I had people asking me in very hushed tones where I bought that strap cos they were too embarrassed to ask out loud. Hell even my Dude was not impressed with me. I stuck to my guns.

I don’t allow my kid to play amongst the clothing rails in a shop. Neither do I allow him to run up and down an aisle. He is always within my sight. Some people find this too overbearing but in hindsight I say rather safe than sorry.

Playgrounds at restaurants freaks me out and totally stress Dude out. Dudie doesn’t often play in the restaurant. We are there to eat as a family as we would at home – we eat together as a family. We do allow “some” play time in some restaurants where “we” are comfortable and where we can see Dudie.

It got me thinking. Is my child armed and ready  with the necessary emergency information? Not emergency information that is written down somewhere for him but does he “know/remember” his emergency information. He knows our names and our surname. He knows my number (and is way too happy to give it to anyone willing to listen. this includes random marketers) He knows his home address.

My question to Dudie – What is Dad’s number?

Dudie – In an emergency I will call you and you can just call Dad.

Me- We are together almost ALL the time. What if I can’t talk or if I have an emergency, how will you call Dad?

Dudie – Uhm , ok is it that 082 number?

Me – YESSSS! Now let’s start practicing it again please.

Is your kid equipped for an emergency?


Spirited Mama

P.S. Dudie now knows the number!

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