Ok so I’m way behind in blogging but let’s leave the updates for another post.

This post is suppose to¬†be all Fairies and Unicorns ūüôā

So I pledged allegiance to Charlotte over at The Stiletto Mum¬†and vowed to take part in this year’s¬† Blogger Secret Santa ¬†and OMG!!!! has this project kicked off well. So if you’re not on the list, you can still pledge allegiance and take part in all fun.

Now who doesn’t want a gift from a Secret Santa??????

I’ve been playing with the idea of “What I would¬†like for Christmas” and seriously I can’t say that I’ve had an *Ah ha * moment yet! So whoever my¬†secret santa is – you’re welcome¬†to surprise me.

Guide to buying gifts for Spirited people:

1. I am a girl but not¬†“that girly” girl. ¬†

2. Even though I live with Dude and Dudie, I sometimes wear pink….

3. I heart costume jewellery, especially the rings(well, for how ever many hours I get to wear it with Dudie destroying it)

4. I like funky hats

6. I heart shoes

7. I heart whatever makes your heart flutter when you think you would like to buy an item for me. Seriously, I appreciate the time and effort you take into choosing whatever gift for me.


So Secret Santa – Go wild!

Happy waiting for your notice from the Post Office…. I know I’ll be checking

P.S. Secret Santa, if we not toooooo far apart, maybe we’ll do a coffee and cake for Christmas too ūüôā