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Be happy take 1059*87692374896255…..

Ok, so I haven’t blogged in a while…. I’ve missed it.

I was stuck in Bloemfontein for an extra night as the flight that I was booked on was cancelled…..3 weeks ago! The travel agent did not see that the airline re-validated my ticket to get me booked on the earlier flight! So I spent another night away from home but I did make up for it when I got home on Friday 🙂 I went home from the airport got the car and went to collect Dudie. As I walked in he was just dozing off for after lunch nap. Boy oh boy the look on my child’s face was priceless.

(He did ask me on Thursday evening, when I called to say I’m NOT coming home, if I could fetch him from school. I said I would try my best.) He immediately requested an afternoon swim and a movie :-). We played some cricket, badminton, had a swim(it was excruciatingly hot), we sang along to a song book, and we cuddled and watched “Happy Feet2” on my bed. Needless to say when he Dude came home at 4pm we were both asleep 🙂 I missed my boys. I think the “time-out” did us good as a family, if you know what I mean.

Apart from all the drama happening right now, we’re off to my brother’s wedding next Friday. (My baby bother is getting married) So tickets to Cape Town are booked. Car is on standby at the Rental company. And now we hope for the best because coincidentally it is the Argus Cycle Tour weekend too.

I chose a word for 2013 – Accept

THis year is just kicking into gear and already it has been very challenging. I’m trying to “Accept” the things I can not  change. And to live my life for me, and my family.

So on that note, I say cheers to 2013! I’ve been hearing and reading the same type of message, not the exact same phrase but it comes down to the same message,  over and over that “Many things in life we can’t control BUT we can choose to be HAPPY!!!!!

Happy Friday

Spirited Mama

How I ended up at Wilgers ER on Friday morning…

So a whole week went by with me NOT blogging. Don’t get me wrong I have loads to blog about and believe me it’s blogworthy but I’ve just been living, working, being mom, being wife…. It’s been busy but good busy.

So after my Dudie miraculously recovered, I thought ‘Yippee’ we are in the clear… Until Friday morning, I woke up at 5am with an itch just above my knee. I took a shower and then realised that my face is hot and it stung to the touch. I exit bathroom as I now feel nauseous from the steam in the bathroom. I go and examine myself in the mirror. Big mistake. I had a rash of some sort spread all over my left side of my face, on the upper chest area and it was spreading to the rest of my body fast… Within minutes my face, neck, chest, arm etc was covered.

I go to check Dudie, as he snuck into our bed in the wee morning hours, but he was clear. So I take a pic, send it to Dude nd call him. He’s response was go to ER now… Don’t be stubborn and wait for 8am. Go! now!

SO I dress Dudie hurriedly, grab keys, wallet and Dudie’s school bag. Dudie stared flipping out as  he kept saying “mamma, you got an eina! YOur face got an eina!!!!

We arrive at ER, the nurse gave me one look and said you must be the patient, he’s way too happy 🙂 They did the routine check and within no time they adminitsered meds via IV. CAn I just add that if at all possible do not take your 3yr old to ER with you. UNless of course said child is the patient. My child tampered with my IV. At one stage I felt very dizzy, only to realise that my child has increased the flow of my meds. I’m not kidding. He climbed everywhere. Played with the staff, ran up and down the passage all whilst I lay, dizzy, on the bed.

The nurse offered him toast for breakfast which he politely declined but requested Calamari:-) Ai, you must love this child of mine. I said we could get Calamari later when we left. after 2 IV’s they gave me the ok to leave. BUt I had to get home and to bed soon. So I vowed that I was going to take Dudie to school and then get to bed. They reiterated that the meds I had just received is quite heavy and that I will not function properly. As I dropped Dudie, I could feel my head buzzing.

By the time I reached home I was floating. Now, I know what a “high” feels like. LMAO! I called Dude, armed the alarm and went straight to bed. When I opened my eyes, it was after 1pm and I had no recollection of my sleep time.

The doctor called it an allergic reaction, wheels and flares because of the severity and rapid spreading. Blood tests confirmed no infections. So up until now, we still don’t know what caused it. I did not eat anything different or do anything different…

After my morning slumber, I happily packed our bags and when Dude got home we headed to Mount Amanzi for our weekend getaway. I was still high on meds but we had a nice weekend away none the less. Oh. I also baked a bread and red velvet cupcakes…..

And I can safely say that all spots are gone. No indication of what happened what so ever. And thank goodness it was not contagious…

Spirited Mama


Fevers, time outs and oh yes I need a cow….

FEVERS and when they frequently occur

Ok so ask any parent, kids ALWAYS get sick at night…. It’s Friday morning, I have slept maybe 2-4 hours, and this was interrupted sleep. When I got home Dudie was burning up.  Funny how my kid gets sick when he sees me. We grab some takeaways for Dinner and it actually seemed like the A/C in the car was Dudie best friend.

We arrive home. Bath Dudie in lukewarm water and administer Empaped. No other symptoms except fever…. Dudie ate and read me a story and dosed off to dreamland. We checked on him continuously and it seemed the fever had broke. We retired just before midnight, but alas I heard Dudie fussing.  He was burning up again. We sponge him down, administer Empaped and swop beds with Dude. Dudie came to lie in my bed.

I could use a time out

Goodness me, my kid is a bad, fussy, roll around, kick you, stick his fingers in an orifice type sleeper. He was literally burning me to the touch. At 5am I administered Neurofen. I took the day off to give Dudie some TLC. We’ve had milo cereal and this child of mine looks like a spring chicken. Nothing wrong. No pain. No fever. WTF?

I’m going to squeeze in an appointment with the Doctor as I would rather have a good checkup than deal with casualties on a weekend…. So for now, we’re watching Cars 2,for the gazillionth time, and trying to pass the time until Doctors rooms open.

I need a COW

Oh, about the cow, I love milk. Dude loves milk. Dudie loves milk. My family consumes a crap load of milk in one month….so if anyone has a cow that’s just not being used, could we borrow Daisy for a while? Please? Our milk habits will bankrupt me 🙂 seriously, I need to buy a cow, and learn to make cheese. We easily consume 2kg’s cheddar cheese a month.

Happy Friday Folks

Spirited Mama

P.S. if Dudie is ok after we see a doctor, we’re going shopping. I need a new swimming costume, IPad accessories, vitamins, and maybe some sandals.

P.P.S yesterday I booked a weekend break for the Spirited household. Next weekend we’re having some time out. Whoop whoop

So we missed our flight

As in true Spirited Family style, we missed our flight… AGAIN! LMAO

Seriously, I’m so over stressing about the flight because somehow, even with all the bags being packed the night before, we still miss our flight. <Murphy?  maybe… But I think it’s in our plan 🙂 >

This WAS our plan:

5:30am                   Leave for OR Tambo (30mins)

6:00 – 6:30            Check in

7:00am                  Take off for Cape Town

This is how it actually went down:

6:15am                 Leave for OR Tambo

In between Dude driving as if we being chased by Devil himself and Dudie asking millions of questions, I shit you not this kid does not stop. <RECENTLY, we viisted the IRENE Christmas Mareket and a lady was watching us whilst we shopped. SHe mentioned that my kid ” does’t stop talking… My response – He’s only quiet when he’s sleeping. But sometimes he talks in his sleep too> I was trying to take pictures. And calmly remind my Dude that no matter how fast we drive, we WILL miss the flight. So let’s take it easy and we’ll get there when we get there…

Dude slowed down. Dudie asked less questions, ok slightly less or I may just have diverted it to Dude. I Do that when I’m mentally tired and Dude is around. I say – Ask Daddy, boy 🙂

So I got this

We arrive at the Airport. Dude dropped Dudie and I with our 3 suitcases, Carry on bag for me, carry on bag for Dudie, x2 stuffed toys, x3 Photo canvasses I made for the family, x3 books for Dudie, x1 Donald duck blankie for Dudie, etc etc

My trolley looked like a pack horse, with a Dudie on top of it all… Bags got weighed… *Ahem* let’s just say that they put them all on at once, Phew… Get into the check in queue and have a full on conversation with myself in my head * You’ve missed the flight best you go smile and be polite over at the standby counter*

I politely, and I may have bumped a few people out of the way, walked pass everyone and proceed to the standby counter. They’re busy with a shift change. I calmly wait and then a nice young man assists. He points out that we have missed our flight and where is the third passenger? I said that he  was parking the car and should be there in a few minutes. He proceeds to reserve seats on the very next flight and says you can go and chill in the lounge whilst you wait… *Ta Da* Cue Dude walking to wards us and I remember… Oh yes, Dude booked Business Class seats for us 🙂 Yes, Business Class.

So we make our way through the check in and take the lift to SAA’s Premium Lounge.  Sjoe, I just can’t get used to this life… Everyone is so relaxed. Your kid can run around but naked with snot everywhere and no one would give a rat’s a$$… Ok, I have NOT  tried that one and I don’t think I ever will. They have staff that will “babysit” whilst you relax/eat cake/have cuppacinos/whatever… And in true Dudie style, he made the Kiddie lounge “homely” aka unpacked toys, spread floor puzzles, messed with the muffin crumbs… within minutes.

When we finally boarded, Dudie was an excellent traveller. Everyone kept oohing and aahing over him. I’m telling you the air/mindset in Business class is very very different. Dudie really impressed us with his Good Behaviour. Reading and chatting like a “normal well behaved” toddler…We got to Cape Town and what a beautiful sight /day it was


Shortly after arriving Dude’s Aunt collected us and we set off for our adventures…

Drop off Aunt, say hi to the other Aunt. Stop by the house in Hout Bay, as there was some issues with the alarm, drive through to my cousin in Fish Hoek via Chapman’s Peak, wow, what a sight and pricey I might add… Had a quick lunch, Drive to Soneike to my Aunt, drop bags, settle Dudie before we head off to our function party, shower change, get glammed up, and reorganise our room so that we don’t trip and break a leg when we get back… Might I add that the Dudie was so comfortable that he said goodbye to us whilst we were still getting ready. At the Party, Dude asked me to check on Dudie, message came back with he’s all good and happy and still very awake at 21:20… (Bed time in our house is 20:00) I replied with emoticons and said that it’s ok he’s on holiday too. We partied until 3am… I was still good to go but knowing my child who wakes us at 6/7am even if I only had an hour’s sleep I knew that it was time to call it a night.

And true’s bob, Dudie woke us at 6am. He eventually woke everyone in the house LOL. We had a family breakfast and then sadly had to pack and leave. Next step was lunch at Oupa Charlie’s house. (aka Dude’s dad, whom he only recently reconnected with…) What a lovely afternoon. We braaied, we laughed and I think some silent tears were shed over Dudie. And yet once again, our child was the poster child of well mannered children 🙂

Off to my Parents(if you’ve read older posts you’ll know this is a touchy subject) for a quick visit. Dudie got a bath and I got to spend time with my niece. Oh how I love that little princess. She greeted us with loud chuckles and arms outstretched. Big drooly smiles and baby sounds…. As soon as she is out of sight I long for her.

Off to my Gran, this was an adhoc visit. We literally popped in after 8pm… We eventually got to Hout Bay around 11pm. Dudie was passed out and Dude and I sat in the kitchen eating left over braai and chocolate cake…

Next morning we slept until 7am… Had breakfast whilst Aunt had a swim


This is teh view they wake up to each and every morning… We had a light breakfast and got ready to be tourists. We went down to Mariner’s Wharf. Hopped on the Red Bus and headed out to the Waterfront. As we got there teh swing bridge opened, much to MY and Dudie’s delight! I took loads of photos. Dudie spotted Christmas and almost made a run for it.


We had lunch at Mitchells Pub. That was awesome!!!! I’m so going back there.


We ended off our day with strolls around the Waterfront before heading back to Hout Bay, via Kirstenbosch etc… Dudie and I dosed off on route back to Hout Bay. You know the humming of the bus, the sun on you, the peaceful nature scenes.. I just couldn’t fight it. Sadly, we repacked our bags and had a stroll around the house in the garden. We headed out to the airport and very nearly almost missed our flight again… Luckily, it was slightly delayed and we checked right back into the Premium Lounge. On the flight back Dudie refused to part with his dinner. He loves seafood so when the steward came to collect the trays he said, that is my food. Leave it. 🙂

We were spoilt and loved in all our glory. We soaked up family and friends. We laughed, we danced, we ate, we played, we indulged…. We will be back soon.

Spirited Mama

P.S. Since we changed our focus of tripping to Cape Town, we made it about us, we’ve been having fantastic breakaways… Cheers to many more. I’m heading home. Wrapping gifts and having an Amarula or two 🙂

Look who’s working today?

Yes, I’m back at work but I’m not going to exert myself with tedious processes. I’m still recovering from sick leave and guess what I walk in here at 8:30 and I find 2, yes only 2, colleagues in the office…

It seems some colleagues decided that they needed time out so these were the reasons given below:

1. Sick

2. Kid is sick

3. Still sick

4. Running late

Now, after you’ve stopped giggling and after you’ve secretly conspired which excuse you can use to take “time-out” for yourself…. I’m going to catch up on my “private email, harass the financial planner, blog, read blogs, relax, have coffee, go have a scone, play some games, etc etc  etc…



Happy Monday!!!!

Spirited Mama

P.S It’s festive Season. Go on take a “time-out”…. You know you want to 🙂


My weekend face

Happy Friday folks.

P.S. I have taken study leave on Monday. So I have a loonnng weekend of studying….

We’re looking for George?

Dudie insists that it is called Jordan. And even if rectified two seconds later he refers to Jordan. We let it be. Whilst Dude went to park the car, Dudie and I made our way to the check in counters. They weighed our bag. Please note that we use one bag for the 3 of us as the pack horse aka Dude says that he can’t manage multiple bags and and and … The bag weighed 29kg’s. The guy just looked at me and asked me what my intention was with the car seat. I said that I was going to carry it to the plane but if he needs to check it in then so be it. He said that it’s best he does then he can justify the weight for 2 pieces… LOL. Thanks, guy for making a plan.

We left a rainy Johannesburg on Saturday morning only to arrive to perfect blue sunny warm skies in George 1 hour 30 mins later… The trip was rather uneventful, well it was because we had no major tantrums or Dudie trying to destroy the plane as usual. We did have a toilet run and OMG this lavatory was even smaller than usual. I’m not kidding. I couldn’t turn in there. Dudie sat on toilet and I almost fell out the door. Seriously, how do they expect you to do a nappy change in there when I can’t even assist my 2 almost 3 yr old in there. And I don’t think you want me to leave the door open either ‘cos all you’ll hear is the exhilarated shrieks of Dudie “look Mama, I made a big one!”

So we arrived an hour earlier for our rental pick up but my Dude flashed his pearlys and of course most women die at the sight of his dimples(yes, I’m being biased but I’m allowed to cos his MY Dude) and in no time we had a car 🙂

We set off and took whichever turn we felt like. If someone said left, Dude would turn left. Even if it wasn’t one of us in the car…. I suspect my Dude also hears little voices… But our first stop was Herold’s Bay.

We had ice-cream and we ran and ran and just enjoyed the beach. We found the most private unspoilt beaches on this adventure of ours. We found quaint little towns. Friendly locals and the most delicious seafood.

Dude found a proper butcher to buy some meat as he wanted to braai. I did mention that we were staying at a Hotel of some sorts and we might not have self catering facilities or braai areas… Being in the Wilderness and all the area is protected…

He bought loads of meat. We checked in and then realised Fck, so where do we braai or even store the meat and hopefully find a picnic spot the next day. We spoke to reception and they advised that we try the Backpackers lodge down the road. The only catch was that you need to support their bar 🙂  Well, we headed straight there. On route we found this little fella


The peeps at Fairy Knowe Backpackers Lodge welcomed us. Them and all their dogs, they have a few and different breeds. Staffies, bull terriers, a lab etc… We love animals, all three of us so it was no surprise when these dogs wanted to spend time with us too. We braaied. Dude had some beer and I had Savanna, Dudie had coke. <It was a holiday for everyone so the child was allowed fizzy drinks.>

They had swings and I even braved the tyre swing much to Dudie’s delight. For the 3 days we did nothing but behave like tourists. We soaked up the sun, enjoyed the beaches, drove around because Dudie was having a nap, and just took in the scenery.

Dude was in his element as he got to fish in the Ocean and off the jetty. We saw a whale’s tale and loads of Dolphins at Victoria Bay. If ever you go past Victoria bay, go visit the “Shell Shop”. It’s small but filled with magical treasures.

We even found bubbles there. Dudie and I blew bubbles on the beach (I’ve wanted to do that before but we always end up at the beach sans bubbles) what fun we had. Would you believe me if I told you that the restaurant only had 2 beers left on Monday afternoon…. True Story – There was a party of some sort over the weekend and they were awaiting their delivery when we sat down for lunch.

Our departure was scheduled for 17:50 on Monday afternoon. I only realised that this was the last flight for George when we arrived at check in. Now, it seems that in a small town where everyone is relaxed, the airport gets locked up. We arrived earlier as we were on standby. We checked in without any hassles. I don’t even know if anyone checked the weight of our bag… We boarded at 17:20 and by 17:30 the cabin crew were arming the doors!!! That’s when I realised that in this town you can’t be late for your flight. They will leave you behind! You will NOT put them under duress. We were taking off at 17:40 on a scheduled flight that was due to depart at 17:50. Great. Thanks, I appreciate the fact that we got home slightly earlier. I just don’t think that’ll go down well at OR Tambo International. With all the passengers, me included, trying to kill the person at the check in counter….’cos the flight left early….

With our departure we left the rain behind in Johannesburg and upon our return we left some clouds behind in George. We had great weather. Thank U God for our glorious time away and for our safe return

Thank you George/Wilderness/Knysna you will be missed. This was the start to frequent getaways…. We left our footprints there

This too shall pass…………………..

I hope it passes quickly. At least I’m seeing the humour again. So slowly but surely I’m coming back….

I am keeping my head above water. I’m dreaming of our mini getaway this weekend all whilst I’m running my “To Do” List in my head. My list is freaking me out. And I need to submit an assignment on Monday too. I’m hoping to submit before we leave so that I can have worry/stress free break. I have reports/list/memos/etc that I need to get done and here I’m blogging. I’m blogging about being swamped when in fact I should really just put my head down and get on with it.

Looks like I’m pulling an all nighter tonight. And possibly Friday!!!!

In other news my frog, aka Dudie, has advanced to level 3 at his Swimming school. We’re so proud of the frog.

We going to the Oktoberfest on Friday night. Yay! This will be our first as every year we say we’re going but never go.

Saturday morning we fly out to George. I’m dreaming of sitting at the beach, having seafood and an ice-cold savanna. Savanna goes down well with Seafood 🙂

On that note, I bid you farewell. Donations of positive energy will be much appreciated.

Spirited Mama

Fragile. Beware

My mind is screwing me again…. All those little voices….. All those ideas on how to fix a problem….

I’m trying a new approach. “The road less travelled” in Spiritville. I somehow end up making the same mistakes, then want to beat myself up for not seeing the signs, but then I end up sulking and I desperately try and claw my way out of the hole.

Same shit. Different Day. Same cycle???? WTF? Why? How? Am I just not wired properly?

I know that it’s going to be hard. I know that it’s going to be ugly but I’m hoping that the reward will outweigh all the hardships/obstacles on the journey….

P.S. I can feel an ugly cry coming so I’m signing off for now.

I’m here but my mind is NOT….

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