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Dial 6 for Room Service

So I made it through the first day and although I had good intentions of relaxing from 3:30ish, I only finished at 18:30! And we have a networking Cocktail function from 19:00…. So I made my way to the networking session and decided that I’m really not up to it and I made a run for it.

I’m cold because every venue you enter has the aircon on full blast as if it’s 30 degrees outside…. WTF! In fact, I think its equally as cold inside and outside. I returned to my room. I’ve ordered some room service and I’m now lying in a warm bed with the aircon slightly turned up in my room. I’m going eat in bed. I’m going to jump on my bed. I’m going to sleep diagonally across this bed tonight, all because I can 🙂

I’m going to have one “moerse” looongggg HOT bath! With loads of bubbles. I’d like to have a pretty cocktail but I’d like to have it in my PJ’s! Not sure that I’ll be allowed at the bar in my PJ’s. The Hotel is amazing. It has 3 escalators and lots of lifts and pretty chandeliers and very comfy couches. The rooms are great. Very spacious. a view from the lift on my floor, I’m quite high up.








So for now, I’m lying in bed try to coax myself into doing some work….I think I’d much rather stare out the window.

P.S. Tonight I have the TV remote all to myself yet there’s not much to choose from? Murphy, seriously!

P.P.S I’m so going to sleep in tomorrow. Will probably miss the morning session but I’m so not going to let this opportunity pass by!


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I felt like the Queen Mother…..


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  1. Sounds bloody marvelous! Enjoy! xx

  2. Enjoy! From Jealous in Johannesburg! 😉

  3. Im doing this next week thursday to sunday in Sandton – far far away from Cape Town. and the children.

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