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Fear of the Unknown

So Dudie has graduated to his big boy bed. And quite frankly, I’m scared of what’s to come! Do we now have to remove all keys in fear of child getting out of his in the middle of the night? Or trip the electricity in case this child finds that one dreaded plug that doesn’t have a child protective cover? What if he let’s the dogs in? What if he drinks water out of the fishtank or toilet? What if he uses his step stool to get the knife and run around the house like CHUCKY????

You see where this is going…

I know that I am a paranoid parent but this can happen… So it was the greatest achievement yet when Dudie could get out of his cot. Secretly, I think he’s been doing it fo ra while without us knowing about it. I mean, how does the child just appear next to you when you know you left him in his cot? So on Saturday, I tell the helper to please just keep an eye on him as I need to jump in the shower quickly. I get out of shower and the two are happily playing with the ball . Fast forward to afternoon, and I put Dudie down fo ra nap. Dude pies up, “Why is it so quiet in the room?” We check and sure as hell his half way out the cot. So we move back and wait in the living room. Trues bob ” Dudie annouces ” Mommy get out the cot!” And so it went until he eventualy fell asleep at 5:30ish and woke on Sunday at 6:03AM!

Heaven – because he slept straight through. Normally he would wake, bath, eat and then sleep but not this time.

Hell – Dudie woke me at 6:03AM for porridge! Again, he climbed out the cot. Everytime he would ask to get in the cot just so that he could climb out.

So now, I lie awake, seriously, wondering when/what this child will get up to next.

P.S. Saturday at 10am I thought that Dudie and I could catch a snooze, him in the cot and me on his bed. Boy was I wrong. I dosed off, he climbed out the cot. When I opened my eyes (I promise it wasn’t even 2mins – I could see that on the movie time):

The house was full of toilet paper.

The kitchen floor was wet.

My dudie was standing at the bedside attempting to brush MY teeth.


P.P.S My Dude had to go to work for bit. WHen asked how our morning was I said… “Great. We played and watched a movie…”

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Dudie is moving on up!


So you’re a boy and Mommy’s a girl

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  1. lol. What are children get up to when we sleep.

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