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Find your SPIRIT with Southern Comfort Black

All-new Southern Comfort Black to Encompass the Spirit of New Orleans

Although I am a mom of two boys, I do enjoy a whisky or two every now and then 🙂 I’m not a big fan of adding mixers and sodas to my whisky. I prefer to have it on the rocks! Also, I watch my calorie intake 🙂

On Wednesday, 13 March 2018, the Really Great Brand Company announced the launch of their brand-new bold offering; Southern Comfort Black during a New Orleans inspired event at the Living Room – Maboneng’s plant-filled rooftop café. A diverse group of media were introduced to the new bold, robust whiskey-forward blend while experiencing the Spirit of the South through the sights, sounds and food delicacies of this exciting city.


Southern Comfort Black perfectly maintains the iconic flavours of Southern Comfort Original, but includes subtle spice and fruity accents, placing it in a league of its own.

In 1874, founder and legendary southerner M.W. Heron, created the first batch of his genuine smooth-drinking whiskey, blended with his very own fruits and spices. The original recipe is fitting for a whiskey that’s still deeply rooted in the local flavour and vibrant soul of one of the most unforgettable places in the world – New Orleans. Where there’s a party on every street, a story behind every door, and a mischievous smile inviting you to be part of it all.


“While our latest offering carries on the legacy of M.W. Heron, it also celebrates Sazerac master spirits blender Drew Mayville, who is responsible for this bolder profile,” says Southern Comfort Brand Manager, Grant de Jager. “Fittingly, the black label, truly takes the original Southern Comfort experience up a notch – for those of you who like their extra-smooth whiskey, extra bold!” he adds.


Best served with a variety of mixers, soda water or simply on the rocks, Southern Comfort Black is dark, mysterious and mostly – sophisticated. Available at all major retail stores, nationwide.


Do you drink whisky? 

Are you willing to try some Southern Comfort Black?


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Disclaimer: Pictures were supplied by Ronamo Media.

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  1. Looks interesting. But how did it taste? I suspect that whisky purist would argue that this is not whiskey or whisky. 😆

    • spiritedmama1

      Keep an eye on my social media feeds 🙂 I hear you on the whisky purist though xx Will be an interesting debate, don’t you think?

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