I have this thing with Dudie about smelling his breath after he brushes his teeth. We make a game out of it, much like the scene in Despicable me where Gru asks the girls if they brushed their teeth.

Back to the point, on Monday I left Dudie unattended for 2seconds, I promise it was no longer than 5 seconds… But let me just say that I had a feeling Murphy would get me back. Do you know that for the 29 months of my son’s existence he has never just pick up things and popped them into his mouth. He’d bring the said item to us almost to as if getting approval to eat/chew/lick etc. Woohoo, I was such a proud mom!

But on Monday I got that feeling that I just need to see what this kid is up too and low and behold – he bit a hole into the sta-soft refill and was busy sucking the contents out of the bag!!!!!!!!!!

My response: Ooh, fresh as baby soft!

Disclaimer: Please note that no kids were harmed!

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