Ok, so we (The Spirited Family) have been on holiday for the week and man it was good to do N.O.T.H.I.Ng although we did most recreational activities that were on offer.

We rode on the BUS! Dudie is Bus befok! I kid you not. This kid screamed like a “speen varkie” aka baby pig when he saw the bus and realised that we’re getting onto it. We did take several trips past our accommodation as Dudie threatened a tantrum when we wanted to get off the bus. So we rode the bus the entire week!

<On two mornings we decided that we’d rather walk than catch the bus. Did this kid freak out when the bus passed us! We had to promise to ride the bus later.>

We enjoyed good coffee from the Seattle Coffee Co and Dudie loved his “Baby Foamy”. I thought this was too cute. He also loved his cake ( a huge choc chip muffin).

We spent the week swimming, lying in the sun, playing games, running from monkeys, eating good food (Dude decided that we’re dining out all week – No cooking), visiting the crocodile sanctuary, riding the bus, riding the train, see the animals at the mini zoo, Dude taking us on the dam with a speed boat, collecting a balloon every day from Wimpy, enjoying our midday siestas with Dudie to recharge.

Thank you Dude and Dudie for an awesome family holiday! I’m planning the next.

P.S. Dudie asked if we could go in the train.. I said yes my child, we’re going in the big train next month to CPT!!!!

P.P.S. I love holidays

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