I am sitting here (in the office) minding my own business and daydreaming  about our holiday (2 more weeks) and in walks a stranger…. This person is here to consult with my colleague (three of us share a space) and is now seated diagonally across me but man oh man I can smell him.

Not ideal as I’m starved this morning, and any scent on my empty stomach is a no no and the card machines in the café are offline! Murphy, please go away already!

I was going to have something for breakfast, like a scone with hot chocolate, but now I’ll just eat my lunch for breakfast and walk to the other shops for lunch. Hopefully, their card machines are working.

<I do not carry cash, like ever. I currently have R9.35 in my wallet>

I like the convenience of swiping my card wherever I go. That way I get to just why I had spent X amount instead of just buying bread/milk. I just can’t fathom the bank charges on bread/milk!

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