I literally broke out in song as I walked out of that exam venue yesterday!!!!!! The exams are finally done!

I got results for a course I did at work and I passed ūüôā And as an added bonus I can get credits fo it towards my degree programme… So without further ado, I’m back in the land of the living. The Psycho/stressed out manic biatch¬†is gone…. phew!

I can now start counting the¬†days until¬†my annual leave starts…. Even though we have no formal plans for December(I do not do holiday getaways with the masses) we have Dude’s sister, husband¬†and kids with us for a week before Christmas. Think that it might just be the three of us again this Christmas. Last year was special, our first Christmas alone, starting our own tradition….

In other non-related news – I’m packing because we’ll be down in Cape Town this weekend:-)

I’m hoping the weather is good so that we can finally catch that Red Bus Tour!!!!!

Ciao for now

P.S. I’m looking fo ra versatile yet sexy little black dress for a function this weekend. I’ve had a quick look around and I can’t find anything under R600. Any ideas where I can find a little black dress that won’t break my budget????


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