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I need a new pillow! STAT!!!

So you may have read my post “How to Unlock vertebrae?” and currently I’m still NOT sorted. I’ve had the physiotherapy but tomorrow is D-Day. Tomorrow, I see the chiropractor! And I’m a bit nervous…

Apart from my gloriously wonderful bed that sleeps like a dream but only when I sleep alone or when Dude doesn’t harass me, in a husband-wife matrimonial way of course 😉 or when the resident starfish, aka Dudie doesn’t sneak into our bed in the wee hours of the morning – this happens 3 out of 5 times in the week. Really love the cuddles but OMG I also need a good night’s rest….

I buy pillows like any normal person buys bread and milk. I also buy loads of shoes but funnily Dude doesn’t complain about that anymore… He’s fixated on my pillow purchases. He’s giving the used, which technically are also still new, pillows away as he doesn’t see why we need 6 pillows on our bed and why Dudie needs 3 or even why I have cupboard stashed with pillows in the event of overnight guests…

I need a new pillow. I need advice on what to purchase. I’m not looking for the Ferrari Model more like the Jeep 5.7 L Hemi kind of model. I’m not sure my bank balance can handle anymore random pillow purchases so I desperately seek guidance on what to buy. I don’t need an anti-snore, although Dude says I sometimes snore.

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  1. I am a pillow person for I have two pillows and no booster all my life…whenever I am buying a new pillow, I would give it a hug and if I feel comfortable, I will buy it…Cheers!! 😀

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