I’m on my journey of self discovery… Yeah, if my husband could comment he’d probably say it’s journey numberXXX with a couple of zeros added to it. Nevertheless, I’m learning. O.K!

So I’ve decided that ” I choose to LivE” and I choose a “HappY Life” and I need to make it a happy life! It’s tough like nail-biting, wanting to go cry in the toilet over your problems ‘cos the world doesn’t understand what I’m going through tough!

My first “great” idea in a long time came on my drive home on Tuesday evening. It was hot and humid. I decide not to tempt Murphy ,cos I might end up with a sick child if we have a night swim> so I opt for a picnic at the field in our neighbourhood. I call the husband <he gets home 2hrs before me and as a bonus he collects the Dudie at playschool> and advise instruct him to get the picnic blanket and ball as we’re going for a picnic! 

I pick up DUde & Dudie, we get Fish & Chips take aways and yummy Caramel Sundaes from McDonald’s! We go have our picnic and what a happy family bonding time it was.

Then Yesterday when I got home we erected Dudie’s kiddie tent in the living room. Put a mattress inside and the three of us watched “Horton hears a Who” from the tent! We ate fish fingers with Sweet Chilli sauce and some left over Mac and Cheese. We also had a few chocolates, the teeny tiny bite-size ones. I’m sure if you put them together, it would constitute to a slab in any case. Blah! We love chocolate!

After our bonding session and after Dudie was bathed and put to bed, I stared at my living room which looked like shit! Toys and play dough and balls and balloons and shoes and some crumbs and chocolate papers Everywhere.   But I focussed on the positive and reminded my self that my Dude & Dudie doesn’t care for a spotless shiny house, it’s the time we spend together that matters! And Dudie – Ignorance is Bliss. For now, you need not worry about a unorganised house! YOu’ll have enough time to worry when you’re an adult.

P.S. After analysing my situation and trying to give myself a pep talk to clean up, I decided to lie on the couch and file & shape my nails….

P.P.S. I did eventually pick up some stuff. Just made the area livable again as tonight there’ll be chaos again. But I’m loving this chaos. As an added bonus the domestic assistant is on duty tomorrow. Dudie, we’re going out!!!!

 P.P.P.S I think that I’m finding my inner child again. Is that possible????

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