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I’m in the job market again

Karma, I’m putting myself out there in the hopes that I’ll find a J.O.B closer to home. SOON. For my own sanity.

I think I found a temporary solution. This will allow me the flexibility to work around the little man’s schedule and pay me a salary and I’ll so luvvvvvvvvv this job. Can I do this from home?

I could just become a chocolate taster? Serious! Any vacancies out there?

Cadburys / Nestle/ Lindt/ Anyone in the chocolate industry can email me.

<The cadburys link appears to be broken?>

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So this was my daily inspiration today


Guess who’s reading…


  1. Brilliant idea! I can assist 🙂

  2. If you ever need a partner let me know…

  3. Let’s see if I get an interview and I’ll keep you updated.

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