I should’ve been a race car driver in another life

I am convinced that I was a rally/F1/Emergency services driver in a former life. True, I kid you not. I sometimes scare the crap out of me with my driving skills.

I like speeding. No, I love speeding. There is someting unexplainable about the pleasure/thrill/adrenaline rush I get when I speed.

<In one session with the therapist she mentioned that growing up in a dysfunctional household you get a certain “high” in certain situations and for me, currently, driving <read: speeding> is my fix>

I only speed <sometimes drive like a hooligan or “padvarK” when I’m alone in the car. Really. I do not speed when I have my son or any passengers with me.

But I do need to ask – Why is it that people insist on:

Driver habits that gets to me

1. Changing lanes without indicating? YOU have indicators for a reason other than them being ornamental!

2. Holding up traffic? yes, who made you the damn traffic police to govern my speed limit? If I’m moving faster than you, get out the way! Please!

3. Why do people all drive next to each other when there’s a moerse gap between you and the car ahead of you? Do you like to frustrate other drivers?

4. Why oh why do we have to constantly have to step on the brake? When there’s really no reason to. You know when you’re now on cruise control and the traffic comes to a grinding halt and you’re left wondering WTF? “cos there’s absolutely nothing out of the ordinary?

5. When there is an accident scene, please proceed as normal ‘cos most of time, due to curiosty, people ‘cos accidents by just looking at other accident scenes.

<You know in GP, it is almost guaranteed that the traffic will conme to a halt when there’s an accident. Then when you drive by the scene you realise that the accident is on the O.T.H.E.R SiDe of the Fckn Highway??? Really? WTF?

6. Now, I’ve worked myself into a frenzy and have no clue where I was going with this post.

Anyway, there are many drivers,like me,  out there who share my sentiments (And if no one is willing to stand by me that’s OK too) about driving. Let us be please.

Spirited Mama

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