I’m juggling tons of balls at the moment but I am still around…

 I’ve been crazy busy and right now as I sit at my desk, I could use a Cloud nine mattress, we got one for Dudie and my word – it is so heavenly to lie on that bed!

So my wish list for now:

Cloud Nine mattress

Peanut tumbles

Coca cola (ice cold)

A great movie – I would’ve said book but I’m just too tired to read &/comprehend what is happening. Hell you could even put on a meaningless teeny comedy – just so that I have something to doze off to.


I am dreaming of being refreshed and revitalised. And hopefully that will happen soon…

See you in a while crocodile

P.S. This morning’s conversation with Dudie.

He started singing a song and all I could make out was that Jesus was knocking on the door. I’m terribly bad with remembering nursery rhymes/songs/bible phrases/hymns/etc – So if anyone knows this one, please send me a you tube link where you actually sing it. Doesn’t help just having the words ‘cos lately all my songs have the “Baa Baa black sheep/Twinkle Twinkle melody”

Dudie: Singing, Jesus knocking on the door…. Mama, why is Jesus knocking?

Me: ‘cos he wants to live in your heart, baby.

Dudie: In my heart? Why?

Me: (I was not really awake yet as I’m currently suffering from exhaustion – but which parent isn’t) “cos he loves you  and wants you to do all good things in his name. That also means that you need to be good and listen all the time. And you cannot be rude…

Dudie: Ok, but I did pray already!

Oi, you’ve got to love this child 🙂


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