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Learning to value MY own opinion

My opinion matters

I am learning to value and appreciate MY own opinion more and more each day. There was a time where I too was looking for my parents’ recognition BUT I am happy to report that those days are long gone. And guess what Life has been so much better since.

However, I am my worst critic…

I came across this post over at Tyranny of pink. So well said. It was and is what has been lying in my subconscious for a very very long time. Somehow, I just needed to get over myself and tell myself out old that “I AM ENOUGH”!

Spirited Mama


P.S. Tomorrow is #37weekspregnant. Dr will decide tomorrow if the resident alien should come this week or if we can wait until #38weekspregnant. I’m freaking out just a tad as it feels it’s happening too soon…

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  1. <3 I have these moments when I forget this, I try to remind myself on the days that it gets hard that it's not a reflection on who I am at all <3 Thinking of you and your little resident alien! xx

  2. I love your attitude – best of luck – my boys were 37 weeks and perfectly big and healthy – we went home 3 days later

  3. I think it’s a constant journey for all of us, needing a bit of a reminder some days and truly owning it on other days.
    Ps. All the best with your little alien:) 💕

  4. Post that “I am more than enough” somewhere on your mirror or wall 🙂 Good luck on the doc appointment. Congrats

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