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People, including my own family, use to comment on how great my relationship with my Mother-in-law is… And me not knowing any other way with thought – Great! SO maybe I just have a great Mother-in-law….. Fast forward a few years and Junior was born. Then Mother-in-law became Expert on how to raise Junior. Stop the bus right there! This is my child you had yours, so for love of chocolate let me raise(fck up) my child my way. You had your chance!

If you’re such an expert, then why is it that you don’t get along with any of your 3 kids. No thanks, I’ll do what I deem best for Junior.

Yesterday, I get a call from Mother-in-law (MIL). She’s at the shops and wants to buy Junior some clothes. She needs to know what size to buy.


Me: 2-3yrs. I don’t buy things big to get some wear out of it. I’ll rather just buy again. I like my child to be presentable and neat and not look like he’s wearing his father’s jacket for crying out loud.

MIL: Oh, ok. ‘Cos I bought 3 – 4yrs.

Me: Ok, thanks, Bye

Two hours later, again same phone call…

Me: Hello Ouma

MIL: You know, I was so unhappy when I got home that I thought maybe I should go back and change the clothes. But even FIL (Father-in-law) says that the clothes will fit Junior.

Me: Stop stressing. I’m sure it’ll be fine. Thanks

MIL: I’ll keep the receipt in case you want to change it.

Me: Ok, Bye

Moral of the story –  I am Junior’s parent! I get to decide!

I think that both Mother and MIL have realised that I’m not going to take their shit anymore…I have a very sensitive and loving BUT manipulative MIL. She’s very intelligent and well-educated yet I still see through all the KAK! I promise you will here more about MIL on this blog.

My Mother is whole other topic. Talk about multiple personalities and frequent ( I think self-induced) amnesia. Will tell you about her some other time.

Cheers for now


<Thinking about my Mother and MIL makes me want to have a drink>

P.S It’s only 09:52am.

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  1. I wish I had your backbone Spiritedmama. I just give in and let them have their way (while clenching on my teeth and biting on my tongue to stop from screaming).

    • I’m done giving in to them! And they know it. They cause so much unnecessary shit in our lives. Our last trip to CPT was a bit touch and go until I cleared the air. I put my child in time-out. Not even my husband interferes as he knows that I won’t put the child there if it wasn’t necessary. Well, MIL’s response was in her house there’s no time-outs. My response – I’m not letting this child run ape shit. Then I have to battle to discipline him when we’re home. And que the Silence in the room as even my Mother looked away….. My husband says that when his mom said ”Her house, her rules” I shouldv’e said ”my child, my rules”. LMAO. At least my husband supports me. Well, let’s just say that Dudie has regular time-outs at MIL’s house.

  2. You are lucky your husband supports you – that makes all the difference. My problem is that I care waaay too much what ppl (especially my in-laws) think of me – which is pathetic- I’m already married for 15 yrs! I really envy some ppl’s “who gives a shit” approach to life. It must be so liberating.

    You sound like a brave hard-ass – i think i’m gonna stick around your blog for a while – maybe I can learn something 🙂 🙂

    • Bwahahaha, I’m actually a softie. But my outer shell is hard core. I’ve learnt to have the “who gives a shit” approach. It’s difficult as it’s not really my nature but it is very liberating. You can’t keep everyone happy. Something/someone will lack…. And it aint me anymore. I’m done keeping others happy but in the end I’m unhappy.

      I’ve decided that I don’t need anyones approval. We worry about everyone else’s issue when in fact they are happy go lucky, enjoying their lives. Yet we sit with the stress. No thanks. I’m living too….

      I hope you don’t learn the wrong things 🙂

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