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My Child, My Rules!

I decided to do a quick update on my MIL (mother in law).

Does your child play by the rules?

A few weeks ago we were in Cape Town. Dudie was getting a bit out of hand unruly so I calmly remind him that he will have a time-out soon, should he not change his behaviour for the better. Well, if you know my parenting style I only give three warnings and that’s that! No negotiating.

I will not be embarrassed by a tantrum throwing toddler anywhere. I’ve put Dudie in time-out in a restaurant, at friend’s homes, etc… My Dudie knows that I don’t make idle threats! Period!

If it’s not my house, does my rules not apply?

So at Ouma’s (Grandma) house, it seems that my child thinks that I will miraculously just let him free…. As the time passed, Dudie started pushing boundaries. Coincidentally, my friend who was visiting, was telling us (me, Ouma, My mom) about how her mom let’s her daughter(she’s 7 months younger than Dudie) do whatever she wants in her house. Her mom tells her *ahem* ‘My house, My Rules! With my jaw on the floor – OMG! My response “WTF”?

I put Dudie in time-out. And of course he has that ugly snot cry calling Ouma come fetch me… Blah Blah Blah. This has happened before and Ouma and an Aunt actually went to his aid. From now on I stand guard when Dudie is in time-out. 🙂 <They cringe when they see me standing there>

My child, my rules

So my MIL jumped on board saying that she doesn’t like that Dudie gets time-outs in her house. This is her house. I respond with; “Well, I’m not letting this child run wild then I have to discipline him when I get home”. And that was the end of it! No negotiating. Dudie gets his time-outs when he deserves them and everyone knows NOT to interfere with my discipline…..

Spirited Mama

How do you handle your Mother and MIL?

P.S. My mother just looked away when I responded. She knows not to interfere.

P.P.S When I told my Dude what happened, he cracked himself. Bear in mind this is his mother we’re talking about. He said that I should’ve told her “My Child, My Rules!!!!



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Fruit is NOT his favourite


I need a laugh, badly!!!!!!!!!


  1. My mom also say that it’s her house with her rules when the kids are there BUT when we do visit her with our children and I do decide to punish my kids for their bad behavior, they don’t interfere. They let us be and punish our kids the way we think is best. Thus, if the kids do visit their grandparents and we aren’t around, then they punish them in their way. Then their rules comes into play.
    It’s a difficult situation you are in with your MIL. Good luck, it’s not easy to stand your ground with either in-laws and your own parents.

  2. AAaahhh I hate this as everyone always gets involved when I discipline Cole. My mom is the same but I remember that she used to be VERY strict with us so I can’t understand why she is such a “softy” when it comes to her grandkids..
    Hats off to you though for standing your ground!

  3. blessedbarrenness

    I have a similar problem with my MIL! But I agree with you, my child, my rules. End of story and she has learnt the hard way not to interfere.

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