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  1. Oh that ad – I remember it so well. I also need one of her. I used our Bumbo seats a lot – something I think is wonderful.

  2. I about died of laughter reading this and I can so relate ….. I don’t blame you for walking out of those shops. When I pregnant hubby and I went and the first few times we got zilch.. Nada… Because I was convinced I didn’t need a million and one gadgets to keep my child alive. Ok granted I caved and got a few gadgety things but I mostly stayed away – pretty impressive for a first time mom. I had a friend with slightly older kids break down the layette list and boy oh boy she did a good job – the list I was given had baby donut, her remark whatever is that, doesn’t sound like an essential thing. And high chair which she said you need but can wait and be bought when baby is ready to use it. And special baby dish washing soap which cost a pinky finger , not essential so I used regular dishwashing liquid and I have an almost 3 year old so definitely not essential

    And I should have listened that baby didn’t need that many clothes because of course I bought a lot (who can resist gorgeous baby outfits) that she never used. In my defense I didn’t know the baby’s gender so I bought lots of unisex things before baby was born and once baby came I went really crazy 🙂 🙂

    The only thing I would say is check the car seat that it hasn’t expired (yes they do expire) except the SA cars aren’t made like that but the car seats from the US have an expiry date.

    • Oops sorry I wrote an epistle

    • Oh my, glad you laughed perhaps I will see the humour in it a few years down the line but for now I am shell-shocked….Feel like I need to sit in a corner and just rock myself. Funny thing is that this is NOT my first time. One would think you would get over the initial shock but not me…When will I ever drive my convertible….

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