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Road trippin

Amongst all the craziness and business of life – We are going on a mini break!!!! Whoop Whoop!!!!

I’ve booked accommodation at Sudwala Lodge Mpumalanga.. Initially, I thought we might travel sans Dude, as he might NOT be getting leave… But he’s on leave too 🙂

This will only be my second trip to Mpumalanga and I’m totally elated with the thought of  a mini road trip. breakfast/lunches at the Food stops/Wimpy/Steers/etc (I’d be happy to have a pie and coke from the Garage too.) I’m making a list of things to do whilst we are in the are, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to share….

Dinosaurpark – a real must for all three of us 🙂

Sudwala Caves – although I don;t know if Dudie is going to “dig” this….

God’s window

The Kruger National Park – I’m so close how could I not go there….

I’m also taking our passports along just in case we decided to cross the border….

Any suggestions for “things to do”?

We’re counting down the sleeps and making big black “X” on the calendar days that have passed. Watch out MP, we’re coming for you…

Spirited Mama

P.S. Do we need to take malaria meds?

P.P.S. Other exciting news is that I’m planning our “Annual vacation for 2013”. It’s rather late as we said we’d do it early in the year, maybe March, but we’re going to Mauritius in June!!!!

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  1. Just one word: JEALOUS! Haha! Have a blast!

  2. Thanks. This year has really given me a run for my money so I’m spoiling “us” with frequent little breaks/holidays…

  3. Things to do: Have tonnes of fun and more fun and take loads and loads of pictures!!!!

  4. Oh enjoy! Yes to Malaria meds and unless you stay really long, do not bother to cross the border – that alone can take hours.

    And do have lunch at Milly’s on the N4 after Middelburg towards the lowveld

  5. Thanks will keep an eye out for Milly’s…
    We started with the Malaria meds, so we’re good to go…

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