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You want what??????

So last night Dude throws me a HUGE curve ball!!!!!!

He would like another baby! No not a property or a new car BUT a BABY! I’m caught off guard.  I still am.  I have no reason to NOT have another baby other than I always thought since Dudie came along he would be my only child. I know that Dudie will LOVE the idea of a sibling but I’m just confused.

In fact I would like a cabriolet and I guess we can fit two car seats in the back but this is another person we are talking about. Another life to protect for as long as we both shall live! I like the idea of having another child but I’m just not so sure about the execution.

Dudie is 5 going on 15. And he in himself is 100 in 1 kids to manage.  I love him to bits but some days are just exhausting! How will I manage another child who needs to get into a routine and fit into our lifestyle.

My biggest fear is sharing myself between 2 kids….And juggling work and being in Spiritville and being a wife, a lover, a friend, a mom, a person…. Not sure how to juggle ALL those balls with a new baby in the mix.

The more I think about it, the more confused I become! It’s like a huge ape sitting on my shoulder pestering me to make a decision and quite frankly I don’t know which one to make.

This is how we currently sleep…Dudie starts off well in his own bed but 4 out of 7 night she sneaks into our bed….and well every so often I go and have my back re-aligned…professionally.

Where would a baby lie?

dudieSometimes Dude complains of his nightmares…it’s generally about falling off the bed but it is in fact no nightmare…it is real…Dudie will push me towards Dude’s side of the bed and so I push Dude to the edge. LOL

Decisions decisions decisions…


Spirited Mama

P.S this was a random image that I found on my hard drive so I have no idea where it originated.  The persons in the picture couldn’t care less about credits they just NEED sleep. So let them.

P.P.S Did I mention that I’m now getting back into shape and Dudie wants me to grow a person..again!

I need Smurfette, Baby Smurf & Papa Smurf

So on my drive to work after sitting in gridlocked traffic for a very very very long time, I see this dude running across the road with a bunch of smurfs.

<If I see him again – I’ll ask him if i can take his picture for my blog>

After my manic morning ( and I managed to finish my breakfast and lunch whilst in traffic), I realise I need the smurfs. Lightbulb moment – I just tell my husband that I bought them for Junior but then I can secretly gloat over them at home.

I decide I need Smurfette, Baby Smurf and Papa Smurf. Now to flag down the dude so I can buy them. I hoot, wave, call, hoot, wave, scream (dude – bring me a smurf) but to no avail. Dude ran in the opposite direction and the motorists around me thought I was a deranged b*tch, who probably needed to fulfil her childhood dream of owning a smurf.


On a different note, I thought about the family dynamics of the Smurfs. They’re just as dysfunctional as any normal family in todays day and age. Does anyone know who Baby Smurfs mama is? Or who’s his daddy?

Who’s Papa is Papa Smurf? Why is Smurfette the only girl featured?


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