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My birth day. 33 today


So today is my birthday. Every year I find myself wondering if my mom actually remembers my birth. The time. The surroundings etc. I can remember Dudie’s day as if it was yesterday. It is etched in my memory. And I can’t wait for the resident alien’s day to arrive. I am grateful and abundantly blessed to be able to celebrate this day. So many people don’t get to celebrate their birthday. I am happy just being with my Dude, Dudie and resident alien in utero. I have no checklist to tick off those boxes of where you are suppose to be at 33years of age. My life is exactly where God has intended it to be.

I have no desire for fancy gifts just wealth, health and prosperity – in which ever forms they may come. I am learning to accept the things that I cannot change. More importantly I am accepting me. I am enough for me.

Happy birthday to me!


Spirited Mama

P.S Today I am also 24 weeks pregnant. OMG my clothes seem to have shrunk! I need to get a new wardrobe, at least maternity wear aint drab no more, all whilst Preparing for baby


So after all our gallivanting…. and after a lovely Heritage Day in South Africa, it’s back to grindstone.

I’m hungry for more. More sun, fun, laughter, holidays…. So instead of doing my ‘WORK” I’m browsing the net for suitable holidays 🙂

On Monday, Dudie will be 3!!! This morning we came up with our plan of action for his birthday celebrations. On Sunday, we will have a few people over for lunch. My friend’s daughter will be making a cake. I will post a picture next week. All I can say is that the baker is 11yrs and she’s into the “Cake Boss” big time. Hopefully the weather is good and we can put out the jumping castle and maybe brave our first swim for Spring????

On Monday, we will do mini cupcakes and treats at school as the Dudie has been asking about a party at school for a while now. I’m trying to get leave for the day. Plan is to spend the morning with him and then I have to STUDY!

On Monday evening, we’ll brave our Spur and watch how the Dudie soaks up the limelight when they sing for him. My big boy is turning 3. 

In other news, Dudie asked whether he could have a brother and a sister for his birthday????? OMG! Did my child not get the memo that he was going to be an only child?

Happy 4 day week folks. I can’t wait for the celebrations to start.

P.S. Last year the night before, I hung banners and decorated my lounge with balloons and name boards, pop up posters and more. Much to the Dudie’s delight when he woke on his special day. This year I plan to do the same. And we are so having cupcakes for breakfast again….Think I’ll do home-made red velvet cupcakes(this will be my first attempt)

P.P.S I’m putting together a gift list for Dudie and I’m battling a bit. I’m more for educational toys than anything else. But it seems my child has other ideas… Any suggestions welcome. I mean seriously, how much Legos can one child have? Or trucks and diggers!!! If anyone knows anyone that I can arrange a site visist and a ride in a truck, please let me know. That could possibly be teh best gift ever – Taking him to see trucks, cranes, diggers….

P.P.P.S My exams are fast approaching and I need to get my A into Gear and figure out a study roster!!!!

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