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How I ended up at Wilgers ER on Friday morning…

So a whole week went by with me NOT blogging. Don’t get me wrong I have loads to blog about and believe me it’s blogworthy but I’ve just been living, working, being mom, being wife…. It’s been busy but good busy.

So after my Dudie miraculously recovered, I thought ‘Yippee’ we are in the clear… Until Friday morning, I woke up at 5am with an itch just above my knee. I took a shower and then realised that my face is hot and it stung to the touch. I exit bathroom as I now feel nauseous from the steam in the bathroom. I go and examine myself in the mirror. Big mistake. I had a rash of some sort spread all over my left side of my face, on the upper chest area and it was spreading to the rest of my body fast… Within minutes my face, neck, chest, arm etc was covered.

I go to check Dudie, as he snuck into our bed in the wee morning hours, but he was clear. So I take a pic, send it to Dude nd call him. He’s response was go to ER now… Don’t be stubborn and wait for 8am. Go! now!

SO I dress Dudie hurriedly, grab keys, wallet and Dudie’s school bag. Dudie stared flipping out as  he kept saying “mamma, you got an eina! YOur face got an eina!!!!

We arrive at ER, the nurse gave me one look and said you must be the patient, he’s way too happy 🙂 They did the routine check and within no time they adminitsered meds via IV. CAn I just add that if at all possible do not take your 3yr old to ER with you. UNless of course said child is the patient. My child tampered with my IV. At one stage I felt very dizzy, only to realise that my child has increased the flow of my meds. I’m not kidding. He climbed everywhere. Played with the staff, ran up and down the passage all whilst I lay, dizzy, on the bed.

The nurse offered him toast for breakfast which he politely declined but requested Calamari:-) Ai, you must love this child of mine. I said we could get Calamari later when we left. after 2 IV’s they gave me the ok to leave. BUt I had to get home and to bed soon. So I vowed that I was going to take Dudie to school and then get to bed. They reiterated that the meds I had just received is quite heavy and that I will not function properly. As I dropped Dudie, I could feel my head buzzing.

By the time I reached home I was floating. Now, I know what a “high” feels like. LMAO! I called Dude, armed the alarm and went straight to bed. When I opened my eyes, it was after 1pm and I had no recollection of my sleep time.

The doctor called it an allergic reaction, wheels and flares because of the severity and rapid spreading. Blood tests confirmed no infections. So up until now, we still don’t know what caused it. I did not eat anything different or do anything different…

After my morning slumber, I happily packed our bags and when Dude got home we headed to Mount Amanzi for our weekend getaway. I was still high on meds but we had a nice weekend away none the less. Oh. I also baked a bread and red velvet cupcakes…..

And I can safely say that all spots are gone. No indication of what happened what so ever. And thank goodness it was not contagious…

Spirited Mama


Fevers, time outs and oh yes I need a cow….

FEVERS and when they frequently occur

Ok so ask any parent, kids ALWAYS get sick at night…. It’s Friday morning, I have slept maybe 2-4 hours, and this was interrupted sleep. When I got home Dudie was burning up.  Funny how my kid gets sick when he sees me. We grab some takeaways for Dinner and it actually seemed like the A/C in the car was Dudie best friend.

We arrive home. Bath Dudie in lukewarm water and administer Empaped. No other symptoms except fever…. Dudie ate and read me a story and dosed off to dreamland. We checked on him continuously and it seemed the fever had broke. We retired just before midnight, but alas I heard Dudie fussing.  He was burning up again. We sponge him down, administer Empaped and swop beds with Dude. Dudie came to lie in my bed.

I could use a time out

Goodness me, my kid is a bad, fussy, roll around, kick you, stick his fingers in an orifice type sleeper. He was literally burning me to the touch. At 5am I administered Neurofen. I took the day off to give Dudie some TLC. We’ve had milo cereal and this child of mine looks like a spring chicken. Nothing wrong. No pain. No fever. WTF?

I’m going to squeeze in an appointment with the Doctor as I would rather have a good checkup than deal with casualties on a weekend…. So for now, we’re watching Cars 2,for the gazillionth time, and trying to pass the time until Doctors rooms open.

I need a COW

Oh, about the cow, I love milk. Dude loves milk. Dudie loves milk. My family consumes a crap load of milk in one month….so if anyone has a cow that’s just not being used, could we borrow Daisy for a while? Please? Our milk habits will bankrupt me 🙂 seriously, I need to buy a cow, and learn to make cheese. We easily consume 2kg’s cheddar cheese a month.

Happy Friday Folks

Spirited Mama

P.S. if Dudie is ok after we see a doctor, we’re going shopping. I need a new swimming costume, IPad accessories, vitamins, and maybe some sandals.

P.P.S yesterday I booked a weekend break for the Spirited household. Next weekend we’re having some time out. Whoop whoop

Guaranteed to burn Calories Solution. Even for the least motivated….

As 2013 approached, I heard yet again about probably the most used, most over rated  New Year’s Resolution….. Weight LOss!!!! Really, I scrapped that resolution many many moons ago and I’ve been so much happier ever since.

But now my inbox is flooded with best wishes for 2013 and countless lists of people’s New Year’s Resolutions… And guess what tops it …Yep, WEIGHTLOSS.

So I found a Guaranteed “to Burn Calories” Solution. This is how Women in France burn Calories.

Click here to watch it.

Spirited Mama


P.S. I actually don’t make any New Year’s Resolutions. I generally just spend some quiet time thinking about how and where I’d like my life/my family life to be or go for the year….

*PG* Germs were killed!

I received a delivery at work last week and I knew exactly where it was coming from. What was in the box was a mystery….

The kind people over at Dettol sent me a gift. *smile* Oh who am I kidding, I was over the moon just to receive a parcel.

<Even if you send me a box filled with nothing but bubblewrap I’ll still be excited 🙂 >


They have asked me to review their Daily Care soap. Now, I don’t generally use soap. Heck, I’m embarrassed as whenever we receive guests, I have to dash to the shops to go buy whatever soap is available (read: on special as the guests are not likely to finish it then I end up throwing it out). I don’t keep soap in the house.

Both Dudie and I have sensitive skins and I’m extremely careful when choosing body products. The Dude is easy going. So, in preparation for our mini getaway, I decided to pack some Dettol soap and travel sans body wash/shower gels…

This is our experience:

Spiritedmama – It’s a win win situation. It doesn’t dry out my skin and I definitely don’t have that tight feeling afterwards. My skin felt softer. I forgot to pack my face wash and braved it with the Dettol soap on my face (I know you’re not suppose to use soap on your face but hey I needed to wash my face) my skin was fine. I also liked the soft fragrance, just enough not to irritate my sinusitis.

Dudie – His skin felt soft and I do think that it helped with eczema that he has behind his knee. See this child of my also suffers with eczema. Looking at his eczema this morning I wonder if this Dettol soap is aiding with healing this eczema???? I did notice that he had fewer dry patches on his body.

Dude – He loves it! At the breakfast table on Monday, he pipes up “I smell so clean”. Well, I think so too. It’s a fresh smell rather than a soapy smell.

I would definitely recommend Dettol Daily Soap to anyone. It’s easy to pack too. Rather than having a bottle of some body wash expand in flight and explode in your face as you open it after you’ve landed…. (This has happened. Please do not try this at home. It’s dangerous).

P.S. Thanks for my fluffy gown too. And the boxing gloves are a “hit” with Dudie.

Fruit is NOT his favourite

Fruit is not high on his list

FF = Fruit Fail!!!! (I’m coming up with new terminology daily)

I *heart* fruit and whilst I was preggars, I ate so much fruit until someone warned me about pregnancy related diabetes…  But I still *heart* fruit. Even now I’m munching on an apple. And I have a banana lined up for later.

I have a 2yr old who wants to die when I offer him fruit. I know for a fact that he eats it at school, so I’m not too stressed that he doesn’t eat it at home. But I’ve come across Fruit Pack. A fruit pureé that is package like a juice…… (I’m starting to smile). Just maybe I can pull this off and add to my “mommy bag of tricks”.

Fruit on the go

Fruit pack – fruit on the go

On Saturday, we skipped off to our Baby City for the usual:

Nappies (thanks to the Pampers bale packs), wetwipes, bubblewash and Fruit Pack.  I decided to get the apple and pear. I think you need to come up with a variety pack so that Dudie can experiment with all the flavours. Well, I showed it to the Dudie. His face lights up and he takes his first gulp. I hold my breath as I can see him swirling that pureé in his mouth and it looks like he’s about to spit it out. But alas, he swallows and say, mmmmmm.

Success! I have now decided that I will be doing fruit packs in his treat box. And this is what today looked like:

P.S. If anyone working for Fruit Pack reads this, please do a variety pack too.

P.P.S Dudie gets all meals and snacks at school but I still pack a treat box everyday. And I love the fact that he looks forward to his treats.

P.P.P.S When will this child just stop using nappies already? He says when he wants to use the loo and then happily comments “see nothing in nappy”. WTF?

Spirited Mama

I was NOT born That way!

I just need to vent a bit.

I have been trying to catch up with work/family/blogging/readers/life/flu….

Last week Monday, we got back from Cape Town. <Thank you for the awesome weather. We were overdressed. I kid you not>

I get to work on Tuesday, and just like that, that sniffly cold that I had before we left turned green and ugly. FAST!

On Wednesday, I go to the doctor’s rooms to try to sneak in early. But there were probably 50 people there, who all seemed to have something very contagious. I backed out and asked the friendly receptionist to give me call when it’s safe to return.

Oh, did I mention that the Dudie also showed symptoms of a cold. Well we got to see the doctor at 6pm that evening! I wa son my way to flu and Dudie was still on the “cold” front. We happily take our meds and take the rest of the week off….

On Thursday, Dudie made a miraculous recovery and every time I gave him his meds he seemed to get energised??? WTF! When I took my meds I became more and more drowsy! On Thursday, my Dude got a speech from hell, not sure what it was about but I blame my dementia on the flu meds… Dude proceeded to suggest that I take the Dudie to school half day on Friday.

<I had other plans>

I am not Stay at Home Mom (SAHM)material. I shit you not! I could be a SAHM everyday! The Dude and Dudie enjoy the fact that when I am home for a day they get spoilt with home made goodies etc. But Reality check boys – If I were a SAHM – you will NOT get those treats everyday! The novelty will wear off so quickly you’ll be begging me to go back to work! I need to work – for my own sanity. I enjoy working and I do love financial freedom! I sit on the edge of my seat monthly waiting for my sms that my salary has been paid!

On Friday morning, I drag myself out of bed. Bear in my Dudie came to lie in my bed from 7am until 8:30ish. I take him to school, return home and drop on the bed. I woke at 3pm with boots and all under the covers…

Dude had to work this weekend. So, Dudie and I got to sleep a lit later than usual, 9:15, on Saturday. By the time we got to the market, which is across the road from our house, it was 10am and they had packed up. Dudie was pissed cos he didn’t get his Saturday pancakes. So we only fed the ducks, geese & turkeys and left.

We went to Woolies and got pancakes, yoghurt, sparberry cooldrinks, cocktail sausage rolls and sweets and we had a picnic in the parking lot.  BLISS!

We got home 20mins before Dude. I put the leftovers in the kitchen for Dude. The helper was there to do her weekly thing and Dudie & I proceeded to go and have a siesta. We were sick remember. So were need to rest. It’s Wednesday, and I’m still sick. This is going on 2 weeks now. How long will this take???

This Mama needs a break!

P.S. I’m an emotional wreck when I’m sick. More like a ticking time bomb. As a mom, when do we get a sick day? Just a fckin day to be sick? Why do we always need to be the go to person?

Last nite at 9:45pm, whilst my Dude & Dudie had been in sleep heaven for over an hour already, I was still folding the washing/making fish cakes – that can just be fried today/cleaning the dishes/packing lunch/loading the machine with more washing/picking up papers/cleaning the bird cage/telling the dogs to shut the fck up/eating frozen strawberries & bananas/having tea/etc

I was wondering what other moms do to balance their lives and daily tasks…. My body needs 5-6 hours sleep to function. I can run on 1-2 hours but that’s not a pretty sight so let’s not even go there. I don’t do interruptions well either! How do you balance life/family/work/marriage? Somethings gotta give and currently my Dude is taking strain. He aint getting my attention. By the time I was done last night, it was well after 11 and I slumped on the couch to watch a really bad movie on DSTV and just sip my tea and enjoy the peace and quiet!

Enough of my rambling…. I need to take a road trip! I’m already looking at possibilities. Also this will be just in time for our annual increase…

Diseased and all – Mama’s getting served!!!!

So all is well in the land of the Spirited! It’s sunny and pretty with blossoms, albeit we’re experiencing Autumn currently. Today is Friday! TGIF!

My Dudie is on the mend. I’m just happy that the fever is gone. I’m so over suppositories.

<Note to self – stock up on suppositories – and other meds for Winter>

If you haven’t noticed I’m OCD then here’s a reminder. I stock up on Meds for my family. Anything that works/appears to work on any disease/illness/rash/etc, I get more and keep in my Meds cupboard. I have a shelf for the Dudie and Dude & I and the dogs share a shelf.

 Do you know how expensive a visit to the Vet is these days??? And we have 5 3 dogs, lots of fish, 2 cockatiels, wild birds  -who steal our dog food, and I’m hoping and praying that we get our rabbit soon…. I’ve been telling Dude that it is vital to Dudie’s upbringing that he has a rabbit… I didn’t have one when I was a kid and just look how I turned out.

So with Dudie on the mend, my eyes looking normal again but I’m still rocking my Gucci’s(remember the knockoff version – If they accepted monopoly money I would’ve bought the real thing. But we have to live in my world you know. So after swimming/school fees/monkeynastics/kindermusiek and all those adult responsibilities bills are paid, I can choose some kick ass sunglasses.

<remember how your mom used to tell you that you’re so label befok now – just wait until you have to buy your own stuff. With your hard earned cash… YOu’ll think twice about that label! I don’t really care for labels anymore. occasionally, it’s nice to spoil treat myself but occasssionaly.>

Back to the topic – Last night the Dude treated us to some retail therapy. All went well, but Dudie & I were not really enthusiastic about it. So Dude is taking us for some more retail therapy tonight and dinner in a restaurant.

Diseased and all – Mama’s getting served!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



What did the doctor say?

No more monkeys jumping on the bed! For parents might know this nursery rhyme. Gloria knows that I can sing it backwards. Whenever Dudie goes to the doctor and Dude asks “What did the Doctor say?” Dudie responds without out fail “No more monkeys jumping on the bed.”

Well the diagnosis yesterday was slightly different. Dudie has a cold, just a common cold due to the change in season that we’re currently experiencing. We came from swimming on Tuesday and I noticed that the Dudie looked rather sick/glum/not himself. He had a temp of 39! I bathed him and administered some empaped. <Now, I’m not sure who hates suppositories more, me or Dudie…. But I know it works!> Then I put him to bed. He slept well. And woke up looking better with no fever.

Now , we all know kids get sick at night. <That’s Murphy fcking us over> So I decided that it may be a good n idea to pay the Paed a visit. Just in case we have a repeat stunt the night. Well, I made an appointment. We had a photo shoot at Dudie’s school, so off we went. Bear in mind that this child looked as healthy as a spring chicken. We rap up the photo shoot and BAM! The fever is back. Just like that. No warnings. And the  Dudie drops in my arms like a limp snoek!

I skip off to the Paed, and albeit he has a cold all is well. Most probably brought on after the swimming lesson. One more doctors appointment for me. <See I had Conjunctivitis over the weekend> I get to the Doctor and trues bob, Conjunctivitis is back!

So now, I’m rocking my Gucci knockoffs and lying in the sun on the couch writing this post.

Dudie is napping. Supper is made. And I’m sipping on my Coffee.

P.S. Dudie is going to miss out on his evaluation at Swimming tonight. Next week is Parents Week. We get to run and cheer him on next to the pool!!!!!!

How’s your Thursday?



And then I won! A real prize, this time

Stacey at There’s a lionheart in our Bath tub! has made me a winner wena! (I’m not sure what it means but that’s what is said in South Africa).

When I saw my email yesterday it read “Hey there, You’ve won!” I was doing a happy dance and was bouncing up and down on my chair and then I thought “What if she made a mistake and the email was not for me”. “What if I’m not the winner?” Immediately, I emailed her to say thank you and just to put my heart at ease that I did in fact win the prize.

Stacey, thank you so much. I’ve embarked on a “Loving me Journey”. I’ve detoxed. Now I’m going to tone. And hopefully come end of April, I will be rocking my size 32 Levi’s down in Cape Town.

<Yes, last month I could wear them and then something happened. Not sure what. I keep reminding my Dude to not put my Levi’s in the tumble dryer, but he never listens…>


This is what I’ve won. Mama MioToning Serum!!!!!  I’m so excited to try this. I feel like a 2yr old child who was just told that they could do something that they were always told not to do.

Update on Detoxing…

So the detoxing has been going strong since Tuesday and I finish on Sunday, 1 April.

BWAHAHAHA! I’ll be lighter on April fool’s day>

Quick update:

I’ve followed my diet and on Sunday morning I got on the scale… I was 6kg’s lighter. I shit you not. 6kg’s. One thing that I did differently this time was increase my water intake from 2 – 3L per day. I’m currently on 4 – 5l per day and I don’t even realise it.

My clothes fit better. My skin feels and looks better. And I feel better. Nothing like getting on the scale and it stops before the mark that you’ve anticipated.

So, in essence, I need to lose 4kg’s this week. Remember I said that I’d be happy to lose 10kg’s instead of the 16kg’s that that specialist cow told me about! Enough said. Let me eat my lunch!Steak and salad!!!!

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