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Tattooed Mommy

A few years ago I had Dudie’s name tattooed on my right wrist…So when we found out that I had a resident alien growing inside me, Dudie randomly asked whether I would get the baby’s name on my arm too…

Now, initially I knew that if I had another child this particular exercise was inevitable…So yes I am hoping to get the resident alien, aka our baby boy’s, name tattooed after his birth.


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I came across an article in the MamaMagic Milestones magazine There is nothing wrong with being a little different, you know the one you get at Baby City. Here I discovered Maz from Caffeineandfairydust. I loved the article. And of course checked out her blog too. It is fresh and witty and very entertaining. I also stumbled upon her blog post Being a mom with tattoos – It does not make me a bad parent. This article and post resonated with me as I am a mom with two tattoos. Yes, it might not be as obvious and in your face tattoos but in 2016 I am shocked that some people still attach a stigma, mostly negative, to tattoos. Just because I have tattoos doesn’t mean that I love my Dudie and resident alien any less than a non-tattooed person would love and care for their offspring. I am not negligent in fact I am OCD about my offspring. I also just want the best for my kids. It is MY choice just as it is YOUR choice to get a tattoo or not. Can we just not be so damn judgemental about it?

Dude also has a tattoo. So naturally Dudie is intrigued by tattoos because both his parents have it. Dudie has asked on numerous occasions if he could please get a tattoo. I have explained that once he is older I will happily take him myself but for now we use stick on tattoos and mommy uses a marker to draw his tattoos on his arm. (I remember how pissed he was when I came home with his name on my wrist but he didn’t get to have a tattoo. So I just wrote his name on his wrist with a marker…)

Spirited Mama

P.S. Isn’t this heart pendant just pretty??? Random image found on google…


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Mabalingwe…is why I was off the radar for a while


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  1. Stunning post! And thank you for the mention

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