Ok, this was yesterday’s post but in all the mania at work and me desperately trying to finish up everything so that I can unleash my Festive Spirit, I never got around to posting. And last night was spent in Menlyn Mall. Eating at Fish Aways, we’re a seafood household so this is always a winner with the Dudie! And when no one was looking we sneaked and played in Santa’s playground 🙂 Even took pictures… I was so tempted to climb on the reindeer but Dude gave me “the look” so I digressed. (Generally, I would have ignored that Look but after a staff member of the Magic Company was NOT too happy to see me enjoying the carousel ride with Dudie, yes I get on a horse too, and even more revolted when he saw me sitting in the back of the Red Bus whilst Dudie pretended to be the driver, I decided that it’s best to just let the reindeer be…)

Anyway, yesterday after a very trying, I’m not kidding my child seemed to be possessed, morning routine we eventually set off for school and work. After the Dudie apologised I decided we could have treats, but it was mainly because I was starving and I really craved “junk” food so we had liqui fruits and flings. (Yes, hush, everyone has been guilty of giving their kid “Junk food” before breakfast. OMG, at least the school give him proper cereal and cooked food)

We ate and chatted and laughed and just enjoyed the ride. (Seems the demons left him). After I dropped him I made my way to the Gautrain station. About a kilometer away, I decide to finish my liqui fruit. Whilst approaching the traffic light, I choked on the last bit. And I kinda snorted/coughed/laughed/cried/screamed the liquids out of my mouth onto the dash and windscreen. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh/cry as

1. That choke was painful

2. Now everyone is staring at me

3. My Liqui fruit is finished and I really need a cold liquid to soothe my burning throat

I made my way to the station. Cleaned the car. And made a run for the train. I did some side step manoeuvre and hurt my foot in the process. I leapt onto the train as it was about to leave….  I made it but not without injury. I decided that enough was enough. No more rushing. No more demons. No more crazy. I will do what I need to do when I eventually get to where I need to be to be able to do it. Be it work/home etc…

Exhibit A:



Spirited Mama

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