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  1. Oh I love that he was baptized at midnight mass. I used to go to Midnight mass with Catholic friends for quite a few years and H and I have always said that when we are home for Christmas a year we will go to our local around the corner church for mass – our kids were all in the nursery school at St John Fisher until grade RR.

    We do presents (and eat fish – our own little 24th tradition) on Christmas eve. Christmas morning we go to church and then have lunch with whoever is with us. The kids used to get pressies from Christmas Father on the morning but that is something of the past….as we all now know he is just a great story

    • Our pastor suggested it and I loved the idea….albeit we had many family members who were upset because they couldn’t make it for the baptism. I was chilled and said but a baptism is NOT about the party. This is exactly what it is suppose to be and how God intended it to be. And we went through with it. I really love going to midnight mass though.

      Love your tradition. Uhm, luckily we still believe in Santa 🙂 We go all out by making footprints in front of the fireplace and eating half of the cookies, even drinking the milk. I really hope we can keep this magic alive for a while…

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