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Update on Detoxing…

So the detoxing has been going strong since Tuesday and I finish on Sunday, 1 April.

BWAHAHAHA! I’ll be lighter on April fool’s day>

Quick update:

I’ve followed my diet and on Sunday morning I got on the scale… I was 6kg’s lighter. I shit you not. 6kg’s. One thing that I did differently this time was increase my water intake from 2 – 3L per day. I’m currently on 4 – 5l per day and I don’t even realise it.

My clothes fit better. My skin feels and looks better. And I feel better. Nothing like getting on the scale and it stops before the mark that you’ve anticipated.

So, in essence, I need to lose 4kg’s this week. Remember I said that I’d be happy to lose 10kg’s instead of the 16kg’s that that specialist cow told me about! Enough said. Let me eat my lunch!Steak and salad!!!!

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Tomorrow is a holiday


And this is the day before Good Friday…


  1. Oh WOW!
    Wow and wow.
    Well done.
    Could you share it with me please? feedesouza@gmail.com

    • Hi Fiona

      Hope all is back to normal in your land, read about your holiday adventures. I’ve emailed you the diet that I followed. I cheated so badly in the second week. Just might have to have another run of week 1. Hehehe… Enjoy, it’s actually quite a bit of food to consume.

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