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We’re looking for George?

Dudie insists that it is called Jordan. And even if rectified two seconds later he refers to Jordan. We let it be. Whilst Dude went to park the car, Dudie and I made our way to the check in counters. They weighed our bag. Please note that we use one bag for the 3 of us as the pack horse aka Dude says that he can’t manage multiple bags and and and … The bag weighed 29kg’s. The guy just looked at me and asked me what my intention was with the car seat. I said that I was going to carry it to the plane but if he needs to check it in then so be it. He said that it’s best he does then he can justify the weight for 2 pieces… LOL. Thanks, guy for making a plan.

We left a rainy Johannesburg on Saturday morning only to arrive to perfect blue sunny warm skies in George 1 hour 30 mins later… The trip was rather uneventful, well it was because we had no major tantrums or Dudie trying to destroy the plane as usual. We did have a toilet run and OMG this lavatory was even smaller than usual. I’m not kidding. I couldn’t turn in there. Dudie sat on toilet and I almost fell out the door. Seriously, how do they expect you to do a nappy change in there when I can’t even assist my 2 almost 3 yr old in there. And I don’t think you want me to leave the door open either ‘cos all you’ll hear is the exhilarated shrieks of Dudie “look Mama, I made a big one!”

So we arrived an hour earlier for our rental pick up but my Dude flashed his pearlys and of course most women die at the sight of his dimples(yes, I’m being biased but I’m allowed to cos his MY Dude) and in no time we had a car 🙂

We set off and took whichever turn we felt like. If someone said left, Dude would turn left. Even if it wasn’t one of us in the car…. I suspect my Dude also hears little voices… But our first stop was Herold’s Bay.

We had ice-cream and we ran and ran and just enjoyed the beach. We found the most private unspoilt beaches on this adventure of ours. We found quaint little towns. Friendly locals and the most delicious seafood.

Dude found a proper butcher to buy some meat as he wanted to braai. I did mention that we were staying at a Hotel of some sorts and we might not have self catering facilities or braai areas… Being in the Wilderness and all the area is protected…

He bought loads of meat. We checked in and then realised Fck, so where do we braai or even store the meat and hopefully find a picnic spot the next day. We spoke to reception and they advised that we try the Backpackers lodge down the road. The only catch was that you need to support their bar 🙂  Well, we headed straight there. On route we found this little fella


The peeps at Fairy Knowe Backpackers Lodge welcomed us. Them and all their dogs, they have a few and different breeds. Staffies, bull terriers, a lab etc… We love animals, all three of us so it was no surprise when these dogs wanted to spend time with us too. We braaied. Dude had some beer and I had Savanna, Dudie had coke. <It was a holiday for everyone so the child was allowed fizzy drinks.>

They had swings and I even braved the tyre swing much to Dudie’s delight. For the 3 days we did nothing but behave like tourists. We soaked up the sun, enjoyed the beaches, drove around because Dudie was having a nap, and just took in the scenery.

Dude was in his element as he got to fish in the Ocean and off the jetty. We saw a whale’s tale and loads of Dolphins at Victoria Bay. If ever you go past Victoria bay, go visit the “Shell Shop”. It’s small but filled with magical treasures.

We even found bubbles there. Dudie and I blew bubbles on the beach (I’ve wanted to do that before but we always end up at the beach sans bubbles) what fun we had. Would you believe me if I told you that the restaurant only had 2 beers left on Monday afternoon…. True Story – There was a party of some sort over the weekend and they were awaiting their delivery when we sat down for lunch.

Our departure was scheduled for 17:50 on Monday afternoon. I only realised that this was the last flight for George when we arrived at check in. Now, it seems that in a small town where everyone is relaxed, the airport gets locked up. We arrived earlier as we were on standby. We checked in without any hassles. I don’t even know if anyone checked the weight of our bag… We boarded at 17:20 and by 17:30 the cabin crew were arming the doors!!! That’s when I realised that in this town you can’t be late for your flight. They will leave you behind! You will NOT put them under duress. We were taking off at 17:40 on a scheduled flight that was due to depart at 17:50. Great. Thanks, I appreciate the fact that we got home slightly earlier. I just don’t think that’ll go down well at OR Tambo International. With all the passengers, me included, trying to kill the person at the check in counter….’cos the flight left early….

With our departure we left the rain behind in Johannesburg and upon our return we left some clouds behind in George. We had great weather. Thank U God for our glorious time away and for our safe return

Thank you George/Wilderness/Knysna you will be missed. This was the start to frequent getaways…. We left our footprints there

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*PG* Germs were killed!




  1. Sounds like a great weekend, says Jealous from Jozy, going nowhere anytime soon! 😀

  2. I am turning green – not with envy 🙂 😉 Of course it is.

    That sounded like a glorious and relaxing holiday and so much fun…. especially considering you had a toddler with you (Everyone should take a holiday like that at least once or even more in a lifetime).

    And yes thanks for reminding us that Johannesburg was very very gloomy (sorry rainy) on Saturday (lots of hail that felt more like snowstorm was on the way)

    • I’m still feeling that calm holiday vibe. Dudie is a happy toddler but has his “moster” moments too. It just seems that we’re having less and less monster moments. Maybe ‘cos he too gets to experience the holiday. We try and make it fun for him too.I better get in touch with reality soon, as I my exams are approaching…

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