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What THIS Mother wants for Mother’s Day!

Cotton pyjamas would be nice – off white or any colour as the white only looks white until the first wash! What is it with the water in Gauteng?

An abundance of Lindt chocolate…

A morning of sleeping in… even if just until 9am – as much as I like waking up to Dudie’s soft voice stating “it’s wake up time guys at 6 sometimes 5 even 4am!!!! (thankfully this happens more than the shrieking noisy wake up call/sometimes a cry – I think he has bad dreams…/poking at my eyes/ears/nose/moth/tummy/etc)

A warm breakfast. Uninterupted, without having to feed anyone.

Sweet treats. Cake and Pringles for breakfast and maybe an ice-cold coca cola for BREAKFAST without having to feel like I need to set an example for Dudie. I want a fck coke for breakfast! And chocolate cake! Ice-cream! Pringles – the Original flavour! I DON’T want to share MY Pringles!!!!! MINE mine mine!

A shopping spree would be great. Pity my bank manager won’t allow it. sigh… I so need a new wardrobe..

Oh and a new kitchen would be nice and whilst they making dust we may as well extend the house too.

And some bubblegum steri stumpies would be awesome!

I really can’t complain ‘cos my boys spoil me ALL the time. Fortunately, I do not have to wait for Mother’s Day. What is is with making people feel guilty and telling them YOU have to spoil/appreciate YOUR Mother on Mother’s Day??? You should be thankful EVERYDAY! You should Appreciate YOUR Mother everyday.

Now, some of you might know that I don’t exactly have a blissful Mother/Daughter relationships… ours is more like ‘wtf? were you thinking? doing? going to do? it’s like a business transaction. It’s not filled with hugs and emotions. It’s kinda of emotionless… Let’s not even go into my Mother in law, whom I haven’t spoken to in a few months. Let’s just leave it at that.

But that being said, I have a Gran whom I love to bits and who loves my family to bits. I have Aunts – my mom’s sisters – who treat me like I am their daughter and I love them for it! So let’s not wait for Mother’s Day to show appreciation to whomever it may be that is close to your heart. Let’s appreciate them NOW.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms on Sunday 12 May 2013. Hope you are appreciated, even if just on Mother’s Day.

Spirited Mama

P.S. I defend Mother’s Day the same way my Dude defends “16 Days of Activism for NO violence against Women and Children. <This is only my and his opinion. In no way am I condoning any violence against any human form or even animals>In short he says it just fcked up ‘cos technically what they saying is for 16 days lets ‘Love” each other but what about the rest of the year? Is it ok to fck each other up then?  Guys let’s appreciate. And let’s give credit where it’s due.

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  1. Every mother seems to want the same thing. A little bit of peace and quiet.

    • I actually get my peace and quiet… if I ask nicely…

      • I get it if I ask loudly. Very very loudly.

        • LMAO! I lost my cool and had a complete meltdown about how I need a “time-out” before…And that’s why I now just ask nicely. Don’t think my husband wants to relive my meltdown…

          • I take it for so long that when the meltdown hits (usually over something trivial – last time it was socks or the lack thereof) it takes everyone by surprise. Even me.

  2. Hope you get everything on your list! 😉
    Yes, we should do/appreciate the whole year round!

  3. I completely get the “…..instead of having to feel like I need to set an example.” Once you become a mother, your nights and days are plagued with feeling the need to set an example…and the feeling of failure and guilt is very close behind.

    • Oh the guilt and fear of failure as if I’m not paranoid enough being a Mom!!!! God be with us all. We ARE awesome Moms!

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