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Whoa!!!! I get a gift? Thank you

Ok so I’m way behind in blogging but let’s leave the updates for another post.

This post is suppose to be all Fairies and Unicorns 🙂

So I pledged allegiance to Charlotte over at The Stiletto Mum and vowed to take part in this year’s  Blogger Secret Santa  and OMG!!!! has this project kicked off well. So if you’re not on the list, you can still pledge allegiance and take part in all fun.

Now who doesn’t want a gift from a Secret Santa??????

I’ve been playing with the idea of “What I would like for Christmas” and seriously I can’t say that I’ve had an *Ah ha * moment yet! So whoever my secret santa is – you’re welcome to surprise me.

Guide to buying gifts for Spirited people:

1. I am a girl but not “that girly” girl.  

2. Even though I live with Dude and Dudie, I sometimes wear pink….

3. I heart costume jewellery, especially the rings(well, for how ever many hours I get to wear it with Dudie destroying it)

4. I like funky hats

6. I heart shoes

7. I heart whatever makes your heart flutter when you think you would like to buy an item for me. Seriously, I appreciate the time and effort you take into choosing whatever gift for me.


So Secret Santa – Go wild!

Happy waiting for your notice from the Post Office…. I know I’ll be checking

P.S. Secret Santa, if we not toooooo far apart, maybe we’ll do a coffee and cake for Christmas too 🙂




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I would love to win this!!!!!!


  1. But if you do cake and coffee then it would be a secret again 😉

    I like your list, simple and to the point, not like some of us 😉

    I also signed up for this and after I made my wish list and no list, I realised I might be fussier than I thought 🙂

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