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Tis the season to be jolly?

So some of you might know that we experienced real proper snow on Tuesday, last week. Ok, I’m sure the whole world knows but I was so beside myself that it actually snowed in Gauteng! Real snow, not lit bits of frost on your car or grass but real ass snow. I thought it was freakin Christmas. Well, it was close. It definitely felt like a time to be jolly.

When I got home, the first thing Dudie told me was “Mama, I saw the snow” with th biggest smile ever. Dude & I were fortunate to have experienced snow before as we’ve travelled to Switzerland. We’re now more set on taking Dudie to Switzerland. I was as excited as my Dudie when he realises that breakfast is chocolate and flings! Oh and milktart!  I kid you not, that’s what we had for breakfast on Saturday. Not sure why though, but it was all good. On and we washed it down with some cream soda. I can see some parents rolling their eyes but really have you never ever given your child junk non-nutritional food as a meal? Never ever?

Why are we as “mothers” so hell bent on feeding our kids nutritional meals when the “dads” just wing it? Why are we as mothers so hell bent on routines when dads just wing it? Why are we as mothers so set on discipline when dads just wing it? And why are we as mothers always wanting to protect/cushion or children when dads let them take a chance? This is my opinion and shoot me for generalising but in my world “mothers” just do these things. Looking in, it seems that the dads have the easy way out. Let me make an example, Dudie will ask for his dad but I will cover and make excuses for Dude as I know that he might be busy. But if Dudie requests my presence, Dude will call me immediately without batting an eyelash. I’ve asked myself a million times, and I guess I’m just a sucker for punishment but why do I feel that I have to do everything? If I don’t put in lunch no one gets lunch or if we do it’s thrown together, literally. I like structure. I don’t like my food touching. I have explained that I would really like to receive a packed lunch, the way I do it. With mini treats and surprises but I’ve given up on that pipe dream. I guess Woolworths is the only one giving me a pretty packed lunch…

Back to my point, as mothers we are very hard on ourselves. Why? I guess because I want to give Dudie the best of what I have to offer. To be a better parent than my mother was. To make sure that I raise a good young man. My best is all I’ve got. But I try. And it seems that each day I push myself a little harder. A little further.

Somedays, I just need a time out. I often sit and wonder what I did for the day, then I recall, oh, you cooked/cleaned/did the washing,/made the beds/laughed at joke/ lent an ear when there were important things to discuss/crammed some studying/picked up legos for the millionth time/the list can go on and on…. Somedays it just feels meaningless. That my life has no real purpose. That I’m not making a difference. That I’m just here……………

I too am important. And I do have a purpose. I just need to figure out what that actually is. Maybe it’s being a mother/wife/friend/confidant? Who knows? I know that Dudie seems to think that I mean the world to him. And for now that’s all that matters.


My Bonny lies over the ocean….

Hi I’m SpiritedMama and I’ve been having a really hard time surviving LIFE! Life has been extreme lately. Extreme highs and some very low lows… From my last post I was suppose to give you a breakdown of the adventures of Spiritville. So let’s recap and see where we end up today.

<I said that I would not get into/onto social media at home but hey tomorrow’s Monday and a whole new adventure awaits.>

In bullet form:

  • I’ve been looking wanting to find a new school for Dudie for next year but after a few minor incidents and me no longer trusting the Principal/owner I removed Dudie from his school without even batting my eyelids. I took two days leave. Day 1, I had a meeting with his previous teacher and principal, sorted out a few issues and withdrew my child from that school directly after our meeting. Contractually, we are bound to serve a month’s notice but I’d rather pay them and not leave my child there for another month. It just makes me uncomfortable. The “what ifs”. It’s like serving notice at your workplace. We know you’re just killing time and not really doing anything constructive.
  • Day 2, I enrolled Dudie into his new school and he started immediately. He loved it and still does. His teacher says that he has adapted so well and if you looked at him you’d think he’s been there for years 🙂 I love how sociable he is and almost simultaneously he could be very shy if he wanted to be….
  • On the work front, I now face a dilemma,as I can only drop Dudie off 30 minutes later than what I used to and the traffic is just killing me right now. I can either change my working hours, which in turn messes with my swimming schedule for Dudie or I can take a pay cut and work less hours. I’m still weighing up the options, as I’m one of those peeps who feels that money is not the be all and end all….
  • On the home front, taken some time out from work and Dudie adjusting to his new school gave me some time to reorganise our home. I started staining Dudie’s chest of drawers. I repainted our street number, as the idiot who did it never came back to fix it. I did some artwork on the walls. And I repacked some cupoards. Needless to say, I was exhausted after doing everything in a couple of hours but it felt good to let go…. And just clean/declutter/beautify/reorganise…
  • So with Dudie being in a new school and me getting to work later everyday, it’s been a bit hectic. The to add that Dude and I have not been in the greatest of spaces either. There’s nothing wrong it’s just that we’re just not in synce with one another right now….  And it’s not an easy situation to be in.
  • I need support right now and maybe a few drinks………………….

That’s it for now. Catch you on the sane side!

Spirited Mama

P.S. Lately Dudie has requested that I do his bed time drill, i.e. lie down with him for a bit. I’m loving it! We cuddle and hugs and laugh in the dark until I put on my stern voice and tell him it’s way past bedtime and that he needs to sleep. He then curls his hand around my neck and says Mama, you love me! My heart melts everytime. Lately, he has been calling me Mama again. Not sure why. He did it for while then he reverted back to Mommy but now it’s Mama again.

P.P.S. Apart from everything else, I’m prepping for exams too. As I write this post I still need to read two chapters in my prescribed book. I don’t even know when last I even read a book for my leisure.


Another Award for me! Really, it’s not in my head

I’ve been nominated by the two awesome bloggers for an award. Yes, me. Thank you, ladies. You’ve just made my day…. I will post about all the balls that life threw at me and my little family soon enough. But the most important thing is that we’re through it. We made it. We’re stronger because of it. And I know that my little family bond is even stronger.

Back to the Award:

Jess over at From there to hear, aka Miss Preggy – I take my hat off to you. I don’t know if I would have coped as a single parent. And you do it so well. Good for you for being a super mom to Aiden! I remember the “sleep deprived” phase where I know I could’ve hurt someone really badly, not my child though, but random strangers who stared at me/someone who asked about mommyhood…. Is was tough on Dude & I, sharing that phase. I can’t even imagine what you are going through.

Melinda over at Diaries of a white mother raising a black baby – Initially when I started thinking about blogging, i couldn’t find a name that was “me”. Maybe that’s why I took so long to start my journey. But here I am. And I’m loving it. I always thought of myself as spirited. Not always the good kind though…. But these days, I think I’m more Good! You are Courageous! From what I have read – You are a super mom to Emma & Ben. And I hope that someday  – you too will see that.









This award was re-designed by Reluctant Mom. She got an award and then started awarding fellow bloggers and so on and so on…….. Cheers Celeste! I might not always comment but I do read your blog daily.

7 random facts that you might not know about me:

1. I thrive under pressure. I really really do perform well when I’m stressed. I just choose not to function in “crisis” mode.

2. I’ve cut down on my chocolate tremendously – But I fear that the cut back is now what’s causing some constipation? Is that even possible? I eat fibre and fruit like Bugs Bunny would eat carrots but I am still not ‘regular”. I’ve also put it down to stress.

3. I have re-ignited my craft flame. I have done small little projects around the house. I’m so proud when I can stand back and look at my handy work.

4. My child turns 3 in 2 months, and I have not done anything party related. Hell, I’m not even sure we’ll have a party. Dude suggested that we go visit Ushaka………

5. In the last four/five days I have consumed more alcohol than I have in the last month. I used to be a no worries type person. Will have a drink or two/three…..six or so… Now, if I have 2 savannas it’s a lot ,for one night.

6. Recently, Dude & I reminisced bout our relationship. We’ve been together for 11yrs. Lived together for 4yrs. Married for 5yrs. It’s been quite an adventure. And I’m still looking forward to more ….

7. I am in no way fussed about my workload that just keeps piling up at work. Seriously, I’m one person that can only do my best and if that aint good enough then I’d better find another JOB!

I’m suppose to nominate 5 -10 other Blogs, but please may I sit out on that round. Also, all teh blogs that I have seen nominated , I would’ve nomimated too. I can’t believe I never took to blogging sooner. It’s such a great outlet…

I will still have to fill you in on all the drama that unfolded in Spiritville in the last two days! MOre to come soon.





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