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So I’ve worked my a$$ off to get great marks for my assignments and knowing that they count towards my year mark, I knew I had to do well. So the results are in:




Last result – still pending – but I have a good feeling about it.

So I’ve patted myself on the back and rewarded myself

So now I keep my head down in my books. Exams are fast approaching. So if I’m not here often, please note that I will be buried under my books.

Ciao for now….

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Any takers…..


To FaceBook or Not????


  1. alittlelessfluff

    Of course your’e outstanding! Well Done! 🙂

    • Oh thank you Darling 🙂
      I was at the point of “WTF am I doing? How am I going to manage? Will I cope? etc…. Then I get my results and my ego is instantly stroked 🙂

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