So you may have noticed that this week I will not be getting the “Punctual Staff Member” award. I thought about it an decided that I need to consciously make an effort to get to work ON Time, not early just on time.

So Thursday morning, we fall outta bed! “Cos the week has been crazy and we’re now in weekend mode already.  I believe that I would look stunning in my oufit today. Normal routine, but alas I get to work 15 mins late. Anyway, then the day drags on and it’s now 10 mins before I leave…

The horror when that cloud burst and the heavens opened up. When you come to work late all convenient parkings are taken so you have to take a parking a walk away from the office. So now I realise I don’t have a jacket/umbrella and I’m wearing white linen pants! I got them from the Woolworths sale but if you see them you wouldn’t think that they were marked down items. I was also wearing a linen/cotton blouse (does anyone still use the word blouse?). So I make a run for it ‘cos if I stay in the office 5 mins extra it’ll cost me 30 mins in traffic. So I run to the car – thank Gloria I was wearing flats). I get soaked from head to toe except I had a sling bag with work stuff to cover (shield) my rear as I didn’t think that seeing my wet rear would be funny! I jump in the car drenched like water dripping from my nose/eyes/ man just everywhere. That’s when I realised that I was dropping off a job application with a very nice HR lady before I make my way home.

I assess the situation and decide that if the car heater can’t dry me up quick then I’ll go home, change and then go to HR lady. I feel so bummed like Murphy is really out to get me this week. Then I find the kid’s bite size Cadbury dairymilk choc. It’s melted and it tastes heavenly as I suck it out of the wrapper. I remove my shoes and start my journey home.

Oh boy, I did freak out a bit as the more I kept driving the harder it rained! And I’m thinking – The fucking wipers can’t go any faster!” I need to call VW. They need to make my wipers go faster. I can’t see shit in front of me. But then I saw her… The single pedestrian trying to cross the road whilst shielding herself under the half broken umberella, YOu know that one where the fabric is torn off the spikes. BWAHAHAHA! I know you shouldn’t laugh at others but I really needed it. Thanks Murphy, point taken. Now go screw over someone else!

I continue to drive with almost zero visibility and promise myself that should I get home safely I should be more appreciative. Stop working myself up over crap.

I get to HR lady’s house, and my clothes are so dry (thanks to the heater) and we have a nice chat. I get home to a very happy bubbly toddler and a “sick” husband! Now, happy toddler – thank you but sick husband – Murphy fck off!

Hubby goes to look for medication(we have a shelf dedicated to us and one to the kid – a mini pharmacy at home) and comes back reporting that we have N.O.T.H.I.N.G in the house for colds/sinus/flu…

I whip my ass and go find the fckin flu meds (granted it’s the kid’s but fck I was about ready to give him liquid nitrogen) and say I found something ( I did it with a smile on my face- sarcastically).

Then the toddler decides to tantrum…. Fck! why oh why.

I bathed the toddler and we played and snuggled on his bed and I slept there until midnight when hubby comes to wake me so that I know that we’re all sleeping – the house is still wide open (ok at least the gates were locked) but the doors & were windows open/lights on and the birds and fish haven’t been fed. He closed up and waited for me. I went to lie on the couch and watched some crappy low budget movie (thanks DSTV) until 2am. Then I went to bed.

P.S. I had yum bread pudding and custard at 1am.

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