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Something for the boys & Men…featuring Bburago

Something about the boys & Man in my life

Dudie is a bit miff that his Dad, aka Dude, got his own drop from Prima Toys. Dude absolutely loves his gifts. Let it be said that our kids, Dudie (8yrs) and Troll (1yr), are allowed to look at his cars but they are not allowed to take them out of the boxes.

THE PORSCHE 911, in particular is the car that Dude has been wanting to get for himself, in like forever. Nope, not the model version but the actual car. When he decided the timing was right, I was pregnant with Dudie. And with only two seats, it wouldn’t have been a practical purchase. Then we decided oh well, Dudie is big enough, so let’s get that car now…well then Troll came along.

In other words, Dude drools over this car in the hopes that some day he may actually still drive that very car. On the other hand, I’m like high five at least you got a model version of your car in the interim…And it’s a collectors item!

It’s all about detail with Bburago

Bburago creates beautiful metal die cast cars on small scale to mimic the real thing. They are carefully crafted to include details….

Research shows the most popular toy cars are the ones that:

  • Are expertly designed and built to perfect scale
  • Have true to life detail
  • Are fun to play with

Chiquita Patrizi, spokesperson for Prima Toys.

Bburago has a wide range of expertly crafted die cast cars in a variety of scale sizes. From pocket-money affordable single cars, to sets that help a child (or the man in your life) develop their own racing world and specialist collections of famous car brands. You can never go wrong in choosing a single pack die cast car. You can start off with one maybe two cars BUT you’ll soon find that it is affordable to build on this particular collection. And you will want to start building on your collection. In our home, visitors stop to ogle these beauties 🙂

Bburago cars are available at toy stores and retailers countrywide. For more info go to www.primatoys.co.za or www.Facebook.com/primatoys

Die cast singles 1:64 from R49.99

BBURAGO 1:32 from R249.99

BBURAGO 1:24 from R299.99

BBURAGO 1:18 from R699.99

Bburago Lamborghini

Bburago Audi A1

Bburago Street Fire





Some wisdom from Dudie, 8yrs, “you will always be a kid in your heart, so just look in your heart and be that kid”

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**Disclaimer: The products were sent to us for review but the views and opinions expressed are my own**


What not to do whilst driving…

1. Do not adjust the seat whilst driving!  seriously, wait until you can stop at a garage/parking lot.

So my husband buys a fancy double cab and I’m quite comfortable driving and parking it. Then one morning as I left the driveway, I realised that I was not seated comfortably and needed to adjust the seat. I assess the situation and decide that I’ll do it at the traffic light which is 700m away. Bonus – light is red when I get there. Now to figure out how to adjust the fkn seat with all these levers around me. I touch something and fall back. I mean I was flat on my back. Cracking myself, just lying there with tears streaming down my face as I LOL’d at myself. In the mean time the light had changed and there was a queue behind me. No one dared to hoot/or be impatient as everyone just stared at this bakkie standing at the traffic light, locked and idling, but no driver in sight!True story.

2. Do not wipe your hands with wet wipes!

So as I leave the Daycare centre, I back out of the parking lot and realise that my hands are sticky. Not sure why but as a parent I find this happens often with me having no recollection of why my hands are stickY! So as I’m driving in an extremely busy road, I reach for the wet wipes. I wipe. And then suddenly the cars in front of me come to a screeching holt! I step on the clutch & brake and grab the gear lever hoping to put the car in neutral. FAST. Total fail as my hands were still wet. My hand slip over the gear lever and the car is now jerking and revving. I quickly rub my hands on my seat and apologise to all the other drivers who looked at me probably thinking – “new driver”! In fact I’ve had my licence for years now.

3. Do not remove shoes whilst driving!

I consider myself a good driver. <remember this is my opinion> I can drive with shoes/bare feet/boots/slops/stilettos – really it makes no difference to me. But one day I had this damn itchy feeling under my foot which I really really needed to scratch immediately! So whilst driving I think cool it’s a straight road and I could just casually remove the left shoe and scratch foot. Win – win situation. N.O.T. As I’m removing my shoe I realise that I need to make a left turn to take the onramp to the highway. So I try to manoeuvre my hand to the gear lever and my foot (with the shoe half on/half off) to the clutch to gear down and take the ramp. OMG! My shoe bends over backward and get stuck so my foot can’t reach the clutch. I decide Fck it! I rip the gear lever with so much force that I didn’t need to use the clutch for a gear shift. I have not and probably will not try that again.

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