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Month: June 2018

Something for the boys & Men…featuring Bburago

Something about the boys & Man in my life

Dudie is a bit miff that his Dad, aka Dude, got his own drop from Prima Toys. Dude absolutely loves his gifts. Let it be said that our kids, Dudie (8yrs) and Troll (1yr), are allowed to look at his cars but they are not allowed to take them out of the boxes.

THE PORSCHE 911, in particular is the car that Dude has been wanting to get for himself, in like forever. Nope, not the model version but the actual car. When he decided the timing was right, I was pregnant with Dudie. And with only two seats, it wouldn’t have been a practical purchase. Then we decided oh well, Dudie is big enough, so let’s get that car now…well then Troll came along.

In other words, Dude drools over this car in the hopes that some day he may actually still drive that very car. On the other hand, I’m like high five at least you got a model version of your car in the interim…And it’s a collectors item!

It’s all about detail with Bburago

Bburago creates beautiful metal die cast cars on small scale to mimic the real thing. They are carefully crafted to include details….

Research shows the most popular toy cars are the ones that:

  • Are expertly designed and built to perfect scale
  • Have true to life detail
  • Are fun to play with

Chiquita Patrizi, spokesperson for Prima Toys.

Bburago has a wide range of expertly crafted die cast cars in a variety of scale sizes. From pocket-money affordable single cars, to sets that help a child (or the man in your life) develop their own racing world and specialist collections of famous car brands. You can never go wrong in choosing a single pack die cast car. You can start off with one maybe two cars BUT you’ll soon find that it is affordable to build on this particular collection. And you will want to start building on your collection. In our home, visitors stop to ogle these beauties 🙂

Bburago cars are available at toy stores and retailers countrywide. For more info go to www.primatoys.co.za or www.Facebook.com/primatoys

Die cast singles 1:64 from R49.99

BBURAGO 1:32 from R249.99

BBURAGO 1:24 from R299.99

BBURAGO 1:18 from R699.99

Bburago Lamborghini

Bburago Audi A1

Bburago Street Fire





Some wisdom from Dudie, 8yrs, “you will always be a kid in your heart, so just look in your heart and be that kid”

Spirited Mama


**Disclaimer: The products were sent to us for review but the views and opinions expressed are my own**


52 lessons for 52 weeks: Week 10 – BELIEVE in Yourself


What even is belief? Do you believe? I do… If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t have achieved what I achieved without belief. I wouldn’t be who I am today without believing in myself. Belief, for me, is to have faith and confidence in knowing that what you are attempting to do is possible. Belief is what YOU deem as true to you.

Invaluable to your success is believing in yourself


We get taught from a young age to just believe…

For me believing is right up there with having or keeping the faith! We believe what we cannot see. We believe because we have hope. Because we have faith. And because we were taught to believe in great things.

You should be your biggest fan. You should be cheering yourself on and in turn see how your fans are cheering you on too. Don’t get me wrong, you will have those fans who are waiting for you to fail or waiting for your demise. BUT keep going because you are destined to do great things. In all walks of life you meet different people. Those who cheer you on and those who cannot stand the sight of you and your success. Go back to your childlike demeanor and BELIEVE! You can if you really want to.

As parents we are tested daily with homework/tasks/projects/chores/just life in general whereby we constantly have to encourage Dudie to believe that he is good enough. To believe that HE can succeed. It gets easier each time he succeeds and I find that some days he doesn’t need the constant encouragement. I would like to think that he is encouraging himself to at least try something. At this stage, Troll seems to young to comprehend what we are saying BUT I see him cheering himself on every time he reaches a milestone. We must be doing something right…

Spirited Mama quotes

Do you believe in yourself?

What limitations have you set for yourself? How do you challenge your limitations? Do you believe in yourself? In my daily life I have to overcome so many limitations that I have set for myself, some subconsciously. I challenge myself to do better and be better than what I was yesterday. I believe that I can do anything that I set my mind to. But I also try and have a realistic approach as to not burn myself out whilst attempting my to challenge these limitations. I am not setting goals that are outrageous. I try to be more patient, to shout less, to be slow to anger and some days I’m good at it. Other days not so much. Life in itself is a challenge.

But with each and every challenge that you encounter you have a choice as to how you will react. I tend to react before I think things through. These days, my greatest challenge is to “think things through BEFORE I react“. It’s hard as my kids are constantly watching me and my behaviour. Those little sponge brains are soaking up what they think is right. And that scares the crap out of me. Am I a good enough role model? Lessons aside, I believe I can be a good role model. I believe in myself and my abilities to do my best with any given situation.

If you don’t believe in yourself , who will?… Spirited Mama


Spirited Mama


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Shank You Very Much

Little Tikes from Prima Toys for my own Little Tike

Toy deliveries from Prima Toys

Every time a courier arrives at our door, or my phone rings and I answer with “ok, thanks I’m on my way” Dudie knows it’s a blog drop… It seems Troll is catching onto this as he hurriedly makes his way over to any unopened box to reveal or rather spill the contents faster than I can say “Did anyone notice that it has MY name on it”. However, my neighbour received the boxes from Prima Toys as we were stuck on the sports field with Dudie’s soccer match. Needless to say the boxes were opened as soon as they were brought into the house. We received the Little Tikes Big Car Carrier as well as the Handle Hauler Truck.

Babies, or am I now suppose to say toddlers, love to be on the floor. It’s fascinating to see how Troll’s imagination takes over during play time. The Little Tikes toys came at just the right time to keep Troll interested and stimulated during floor time play. I did have a jealous Dudie, who felt a little left out, as the toys are specifically aimed at younger children. But this Mama quickly pointed out that the box says for kids up to 12years 🙂 So both my boys get to enjoy the Little Tikes toys.

Little Tikes toys encourage play and movement

Little Tikes is a range of toys for indoor and outdoor play that will entertain your child while helping them to develop their mind and imagination. The toys encourage discovery and learning through active, creative and social play and provide hours of fun.

The products are created for babies and toddlers, as well as older children, with a focus on interaction, movement and learning. From outdoor sets to role-playing toys, the products encourage children to play, push, pull, bounce and more. The toys have been designed especially for little hands and are tough enough to endure being chewed, hit and thrown about.

Little Tikes Car Carrier

Little Tikes Big Car Carrier

If you’re looking for a toy that is durable and waterproof, yes Troll has taken his cars into the bath with him, then this is it. Also, according to Troll, the Big Car Carrier doubles as a human ride on toy. What amazed me is that it actually carries my 13kg baby and still is in good working order.

This toy car carrier packs a lot of fun and includes two toy sports cars.  Ideal for outdoor and indoor play, the truck turns effortlessly making it easy to push or pull around. The truck also decouples from hauler and the ramp flips down to load the cars inside. Ideal for ages 18 months plus. RSP: R899.99

Little Tikes Handle Haulers – Truck

First off I was apprehensive as this toy makes sounds. I’m the parent who cringes at a toy that makes loud sounds because as you know, kids will press that darn button a gazillion times in one day! The good news is that the sound is quite soft but still audible for the child playing with it to hear it. The great news is that it doesn’t disturb anyone else!!! Troll has been pushing that button to his heart’s content and no one is complaining 🙂

This friendly-faced Handle Haulers Truck encourages children to get down on the floor and play. The easy to grip, handheld car is easy to push. Little Tikes Handle Haulers are great toys for kids as they encourage energetic floor play and hours of pretend fun. Ideal for ages 12 months plus. RSP: R299.99

There are various Little Tikes products to choose from.

Available at toy stores countrywide. For more information go to www.primatoys.co.za

Spirited Mama


**Disclaimer: Products featured above were sent to us to review. However, the views and opinions stated are my own.

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