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Bottoms up with Pampers Baby Dry, Air Magic

**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. The new Pampers Baby Dry nappies were sent to us to review. However, the views and opinions expressed are my own. **

We’ve always used Pampers nappies. My eldest son, now 9 years old, was raised on Pampers nappies. When we were preparing for our youngest son, he just turned 2 years, we knew that with juggling two kids there was no time for trial runs. We would stick to what we knew worked best when Joshua was a baby. There was no time for trial and error. We stocked up on Pampers nappies and I am happy to report that we still only use Pampers nappies.

Bottoms up with Pampers


Noah sampling the new Pampers Baby Dry nappy

Featured here is my “bum model” or as he refers to himself “bum mondel” 🙂 First impression was that the nappy stayed put on a wriggly toddler, thanks to a new improved design for Anti-leakage barriers. A big plus is that the size we are currently using is the size we still use in the new nappy. It just fits the “bottom” better. My model couldn’t be phased as he is way to enticed with the new exterior finishes and points out which animals are displayed. Technically, you could be teaching your child whilst simply doing a nappy / diaper change. #parentingwin

Pampers introduces new ‘Baby Dry’ – the first and only nappy with 2 Air channels

Pampers is constantly developing new ways to bring the best possible nappies to parents and baby, which is why they are launching the new Pampers Baby-Dry #PampersAirMagic with “2 Air channels” to allow air flow directly to your baby’s bum, for breathable dryness. #PampersBabyDry has been specially designed to distribute wetness evenly from front the back across nappy and lock it away even better allowing your baby to enjoy up to 12 hours of dryness. Pampers nappies are thus less bulky and don’t sag, providing great fit and more freedom of movement for your baby.

In all our years of using Pampers, I’ve never had to worry about nappy rash, leaks or night changing caused by the nappy. I would literally put a nappy on after bath time, normally around 7pm. First nappy change is anywhere between 6am to sometimes 10 am.

As we all know these days as soon as a product is changed it no longer works as well as it used to. In fact, it very seldom performs better than it’s predecessor.

Pampers has established a new standard of excellence with the launch of #PampersAirMagic #PampersAirMagicMoment Air Channel in their Pampers Baby-Dry range.

I am here to tell you it works better than it’s previous version. No funny smell, no heavy nappy that my child is tripping over the weight of a full nappy; and a major bonus – even when there were soft poo’s the nappy worked better than I expected. This has been tried an tested with my bum model for round two of parenting.

No parent needs to be sleep deprived unnecessarily because of a “wet” nappy

Imagine you had to sleep with a wet bottom. I bet you’ll wake up too… The Air channels are designed for air to flow freely inside the nappy.  The Air channels provide your baby with breathable dryness. And parents like you understand the importance of airflow directly to baby’s skin as hot and moist skin can cause rashes.

The innovation provides air channels directly to your baby’s bottom for breathable dryness which allows for an undisturbed night of sleep.

Premium Care vs Baby Dry Air Magic

Compared to the Pampers Premium Care we normally use, the new Baby Dry nappy is also soft and has the stretchy sides. I would like the sides to be a little longer though, to give the sticky part something extra to grip on. But after testing the Baby Dry, it seems to hold in place throughout wearing either way. Another plus is the Baby Dry comes up way more in the baby’s back than the Premium Care does.

PSA: New parents – You are going to need this extra coverage for those monster poops that run all the way up the baby’s back…TMI, but parents out there can back me on this!

At this stage, only the smaller sizes on the Baby Dry have the wetness indicator, whereas the Premium Care has the indicator on all sizes.


Are you excited to try the new Pampers Baby Dry nappy?

Here’s what to look forward to with the new Pampers Baby Dry nappy:

  • Air channels – 2 Air-channels that ensure baby’s bottom is dry and less damp
  • Anti-Leakage Barriers – Provides great fit to help prevent leaks
  • Absorbent Micro Pearls – An inner layer with Micropearls that are able to absorb up to 30x of its own weight and help lock away wetness for up to 12 hours
  • Dry layer – Absorbs wetness and keeping it away from baby’s skin
  • Baby Lotion – Helps protect babies skin from rashes
  • New design – Our nappies also have new interior & exterior designs.
  • Wetness indicator on small sizes – Turns blue when the baby wets his nappy


The Pampers Baby Dry product name replaces the previous Active Baby Dry name.  The new packing is clearly marked with the “Air Channels” symbol. There is a slight difference in the weight ranges so be sure to check that you purchase the correct size according to your baby’s weight. We still use size 5 and like I mentioned previously, the new Baby Dry fits the bottom better.         

The nappies retail for around R230, across all major SA retailers. For now it’s only the sizes 4 – 6, but sizes 1-3 will also be introduced into the market in the coming months.

Bottoms up!

Spirited Mama





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  1. MrsFF

    I used pampers premium for both my babies until size 3 and after that I always switch to the competition. I find that works best for us. They have sensitive skin and for those first few months of life it works perfectly!!!!

  2. nicky

    worse nappy ever you’ll could have made, please bring back the other nappy, this nappy is this it is smaller, and its crappy. if it wasn’t for the other nappies giving my kids a rash I would change a long time ago.

    please bring back what it use to be . this nappy is so thin really same price but worse ever

    • spiritedmama1

      Hi Nicky, I’m sorry to hear that you are disappointed in the product but we’ve been fine with using the new nappy. I actually prefer the thinner nappy over the bulky one. It fits better and doesn’t have that saggy nappy effect. Products are being “revamped” everywhere to bring the customer a better product. Have you tried using a bigger size?

  3. Jeanne-marie

    Since day one Pampers dry wet I don’t know the difference coz I don’t have leaky nappies 100% awsome

    • spiritedmama1

      We’ve only used Pampers nappies on both boys, my eldest is 9 year old. It’s good to know that you are happy with it 🙂

  4. Very very good product. Never had a leakage problem, nor did it smell.

    • spiritedmama1

      That’s great news! We have been using Pampers since when my first born made his appearance 9 years ago 🙂 I’ve also never had problems with the nappy.

  5. Senah

    We are not happy with this Pampers air they’re very weak we want Pampers active back

    • spiritedmama1

      That’s unfortunate to hear. Have you tried contacting Pampers with your concerns?

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