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And I won… A blowdry at Tanaz

Thanks to Tanya at Rattle and Mum, I won a blowdry at Tanaz. Thank you so much. Up until I read about a Blowdry bar i had no idea this even existed??? I am way too impatient to sit in a salon for hours on end just to get my hair done…This will defintely be a treat as my hair will not see a hairdryer well until I’m in the mood to blow dry it… Way too much frolicking to do….

Much appreciated

Spirited Mama

Out of town as well as mind. Thanks MIL…..

So im in the  Free State for work matters. Im staying in the Anta Boga Boutique Hotel. What a lovely little place. So as i now lay myself to rest, i must add that it is under plush goose downs, i was informed that meetings have been postponed and i get to lie in and enjoy a late breakfast.

i miss my Dude and Dudie….

Cheers for now

Spirited Mama

P.S ive been missing due to work but also some major drama with the mother in law. Lets just say that our relationship has gone sour and i dont know if we could ever be whole again. We will be civil but thats it. I’ll do a post soon….


The morning after Christmas

It is just after 1am and I’m vegging out on the couch waiting for my washing machine to finish its cycle… I washed 4table cloths.  I cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floors and packed away all the food, read squeezed everything into the fridge as I’m worried it gets too hot and the food will go off.

What an awesome Christmas we had. We started with midnight mass at 23:00, Church need at 12:30ish, on route home Dude stopped to pick up McDonalds for us.  We had McD’s and champagne at 1am. Dude, my gran, her sister, myself, and all whilst Dudie slept. We played Christmas music, laughed, ate,drank, face timed family, and eventually got to bed just before 3am. Dudie script into our bed in the wee hours of the morning, I was too tired to notice. We eventually got up after 7, did a “just wing it” breakfast and proceeded to Finish the food.

We had gammon, leg of lamb, beef roast, chicken, seafood, oxtail,veggies, salad, etc…. Oh and ice-cream, trifle and cake….cupcakes too. All for 6adults and 3 kids. What a feast we had. And how delicious it was. We laughed and had champagne, tequila coffee, beers, savannas, water, juice and sodas…. We played dominoes, shared memories created new new memories too. This was definitely a very special Christmas for all f us. One that we will talk about for a very very very long time to come.

im having a leftover cheese burger and a glass of milk. Going to hang out my table cloths and then I’m off dreamland as I know it won’t be long until Dudie wakes up. That child does not sleep later than 7:30am…..

i do hope that you all had a blessed merry Christmas.




My package arrived. Whoop whoop!!!

So I got my package from Santa’s little helper, aka lovely lady who partook in the secret Santa bloggers party that Charlotte arranged. Thank you so much, Lady. I was all over that package. I have managed to contain myself but today I will web using my gift. And of course acting my Turkish delight. (My Grandfather loved Turkish delight, and we used to sit together sharing his sweets. This brings so much fond memories back. Thank you a millio times. You have no idea of how happy you have made my heart. Also my gran is arriving in 1hour. So I will be sure to tell her about it. Maybe she have some sweets too) This is what I got: imageThe package was addressed to Spiritedmama1, so firstly Dude thought it was his book from Leisure Books, then I said that it’s my gift! He said so how will you prove it’s you. Luckily the address matches perfectly on the receipt in my ID. And I kinda had to explain to the lady why it is addressed in my pseudo name. The big reveal:


Secret Santa for Bloggers

So Charlotte over at The StilettoMum has started her own little initiative for a Secret Santa for Bloggers. I think this is great as who on earth wouldn’t like to get a surprise gift!!!! So I’m in and I urge all of you to join in the fun. It is not exclusive for bloggers, so if you are interested hop on over to The StilettoMum to sign up.

Looking forward to being part of the Secret Santa for bloggers


Leaving on a JetPlane to go smell a sea breeze

TOmorrow morning, I’ll be leaving on a jet plane to Cape Town. It is work related but only until Friday! We have such a hectic schedule but come Friday afternoon, it’s all pleasure no business.

Hopefully the weather plays along. *Oh please can we have sunny days in Cape Town*

Before I depart, I need to submit two assignments and a freaking report!!!!!! I just don’t have the energy and I’d much rather be going home to spend a few extra hours with my boys…

So on that note, Have a good week y’all.



Some random bullets about what’s been happening in the land of the Spirited.

  • Last week my family(Gran, Aunt, Uncle, 3kids) came to visit us. OH my Dudie soaked up my Grandma and in turn she soaked him up too. I loved how they loved being together. And I *cringe* when he asks, which is daily, when she’s coming back. (Did I mention that our families live in Cape Town?)
  • My BB’s handset died. So now I’m hoping that Vodacom can sort out the problem speedily so that I can have my phone back. (I miss my camera! That phone takes awesome pictures.)
  • I have overspent my budget(on food)…. Story of my life. If you know me, then you’ll know that I buy food like there’s no tomorrow. I like variety and if my boys want something, I very rarely have to say “I need to go to the shop to get it”.
  • I’m still looking for  a job closer to home. (Jobs are scarce or I’m just not connected that way)
  • Today, I had a very very slow Monday
  • I need to just use some of my savings to book tickets to CPT again….
  • My relationship with my brother is growing stronger and stronger. ( I love how he wants me to be part of his life and his little family)
  • I really need to do something about my weight. ( I need to run/join a gym/watch what I eat/lose some weight)
  • I did a mini shopping spree for me(happy dance)
  • I’m getting my increase the end of the month!!!!!!!
  • I’ve been drooling over Shoes(shooshoos, froggies, hushpuppies)
  • I’ve been drooling over kids clothing online(naartjie, seven ounce, earthchild, etc)
  • Today was not a very productive day in terms of my day job….
  • I need to finish some craft projects that I’ve been staring at…

Enough of me for today. I’ve felt slightly bewildered lately. Luckily in a good way.

What did the doctor say?

No more monkeys jumping on the bed! For parents might know this nursery rhyme. Gloria knows that I can sing it backwards. Whenever Dudie goes to the doctor and Dude asks “What did the Doctor say?” Dudie responds without out fail “No more monkeys jumping on the bed.”

Well the diagnosis yesterday was slightly different. Dudie has a cold, just a common cold due to the change in season that we’re currently experiencing. We came from swimming on Tuesday and I noticed that the Dudie looked rather sick/glum/not himself. He had a temp of 39! I bathed him and administered some empaped. <Now, I’m not sure who hates suppositories more, me or Dudie…. But I know it works!> Then I put him to bed. He slept well. And woke up looking better with no fever.

Now , we all know kids get sick at night. <That’s Murphy fcking us over> So I decided that it may be a good n idea to pay the Paed a visit. Just in case we have a repeat stunt the night. Well, I made an appointment. We had a photo shoot at Dudie’s school, so off we went. Bear in mind that this child looked as healthy as a spring chicken. We rap up the photo shoot and BAM! The fever is back. Just like that. No warnings. And the  Dudie drops in my arms like a limp snoek!

I skip off to the Paed, and albeit he has a cold all is well. Most probably brought on after the swimming lesson. One more doctors appointment for me. <See I had Conjunctivitis over the weekend> I get to the Doctor and trues bob, Conjunctivitis is back!

So now, I’m rocking my Gucci knockoffs and lying in the sun on the couch writing this post.

Dudie is napping. Supper is made. And I’m sipping on my Coffee.

P.S. Dudie is going to miss out on his evaluation at Swimming tonight. Next week is Parents Week. We get to run and cheer him on next to the pool!!!!!!

How’s your Thursday?



CLASSIC for Thursday/Friday JOKE


GRANDPA: go hide, your teacher is here because you bunked school today!

GRANDKID: grandpa you go hide……………. I told her you passed away

P.S. I’m so using this as my next excuse to get out of work on a Friday…


Today’s Funny

Really? This Really happened… Serious! For the record – I didn’t do it.


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