Dear Blog

I’ve missed you! I’ve been longing to be here. My head was buzzing with topics but now that I’m finally able to blog, I can’t remember anything….

I’ve managed to submit my last assignment and wrote my first exam on Monday. It wasn’t bad at all, considering I was having sleepless nights worrying about it.

I now have two weeks to prep for the next exam and then another two weeks before I’m done for 2012. Did I mention that I will be taking additional study leave to maximise my time! <But as I typed that I remembered that I wanted to get another tattoo, my birthday gift from me to me – and was hoping to do that on a quiet weekday morning>

I will blog soon. About proper topics. And some ramblings about how I lose my marbles when I’m stressed about being a wife/mom/friend/employee/student/sister/an aunt/and so much more…


P.S. I find that when I’m under pressure I perform very very well. But that’s also when I feel like I’m drowning. I can’t pay attention to everyone and everything around me. Dude and I were not in a good space as he felt that I was neglecting him…. My argument was lame, as I justified how I won’t study forever…. And that I’m stressed, blah blah blah… We are in a better place right now.


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