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Good food and wine

So after my Cape Town work was all done, this only ended at 17:30!, Dude & Dudie fetched me from the Hotel and we headed out for our weekend of pleasure before returning to Gauteng….

<We had a family breakfast and Dude’s Aunt joined us. I missed my first session but attended my 09:30. At 10:30, we checked out and my family andf I went to the Two Oceans Aquarium. What an awesome place. We had a lovely lunch at their resatuarant! We’ll be back soon. I did return to my meetings after lunch.>

We visited Dude’s dad, whom we haven’t seen in about 7/8 years…. Yes, not ideal but such is life. The way they soaked us up and welcomed us, you would never think that there was such a void in that relationship. It was amazing! Dudie got to meet his other grand dad and step granma and his two aunts! They loved my son! And I love them for it!

We made our way to Langebaan quite late on Friday night but we got there safely. To a warm fireplace and some Port…. Our friends, whom we were staying with, have a daughter about six months younger than Dudie. Of course as we got out the car, the Dudie woke up and so did their daughter. We ate and caught up on each others lives and the kids only went to bed after midnight.

Saturday morning, we all had a bit of a lie in. We had a light breakfast and then set out on an adventure. We bought fresh fish to braai for dinner.

We took to the road with no real destination in mind other than the kids wanting ice-cream. We stumbled upon Jacobsbaai, a quaint little area surrounded by the ocean. Engulfed in a bay/cove which is calm yet just over a small hill the waves are crashing hard against the rocks…. We had lunch at the little restaurant which was warmed by a lit fireplace and the local folks. Charming and very homely. The yummiest seafood….

We strolled on the beach and gathered some treasures(read: sea shells and seaweed). We made our way to Paternoster and also to Tietiesbaai(that’s it’s realname). Quiet unspoilt beaches. Beauty in its purest form.

We headed back to Langebaan, where Dude made us the most incredible Seafood chowder and then followed up with some braaied Angel fish…. I ae way to much and possible consumed too much alcohol too. But it was all so much fun! Good food and wine. New memories created.

Sunday, we visited my Aunt, whom I haven’t seen in 2 years. Emotions were running high. Good emotions! Happy tears as family were reunited. They too just loved my family.

So here’s to many more happy tears and creating lots of new memories! We promise we’ll be around more often

P.S. We had dinner with another Aunt of mine on Thursday. I love you guys. And we cant’t wait to see you in October! Did I mention that my niece might become a famous model!!!!! I’m so excited for her!

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  1. The Blessed Barrenness

    Paternoster is simply my most favourite place in the ENTIRE world!

    • It’s definitely something special but I was not too impressed with the extremeties. On the left you have Guesthouses & B&B’s and teh “holiday crowd” on the right you have the general community, impoverished….
      Guess that’s the reality we face … It’s what keeps it real and keeps us humble.

      I would in fact choose Jacobsbaai over Paternoster.

  2. Sounds like such a lovely way to end a work week away from home. Nothing beats happy family reunions and family love.

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