I am not even sure where to start but I am truly amazed that I can still remember my password to log in to “my precious” blog.

Apologies for being MIA but I have been a bit busy. Things have been crazy, sometimes normal, sometimes odd and emotional and sometimes just chaotic. We have had holidays, changed school grades and I started working full time again.

I have checked on my blog from time to time but somehow I just did not have the energy or perhaps the courage to blog. I have missed it though. It was a part of me that needs to be nurtured again. As I am growing wiser(well older) I sometimes feel sort of beside myself. Like I am having an out of body experience. I am standing on the outside looking in on my life. I feel “left out” of my life sometimes.

So I am slowly but surely finding my way to getting myself back on track, if there even is a track… I am not unhappy on the contrary I am in a happy place. I just feel that I have so much more to offer myself and my family that I am willing to search for “that key” to unlock that potential.

At least it’s FRIDAY!

Spirited Mama

P.S. A recent conversation with Dudie:

Dudie: Mom, if Daddy dies you need to marry a new husband.

Me: Why? I don;’t need a husband to raise my offspring.

Dudie: You must cos who will be my Daddy then?

Me: But you have a Daddy and if he dies you will have a Daddy in heaven. But wait what if I die, can Daddy get a new wife?

Dudie: NO! You are my Mommy and I don’t want a new Mommy.

Needless to say Dude was not very impressed with Dudie’s reasoning. LOL. But Dudie assured him that he is the bestest Daddy in the whole world and he says thank you to GOD for his Daddy.

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