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Pass the toilet paper

We go through a crap load of toilet paper monthly and we are only 2 adults and 1 child + resident alien in utero in the Spirited house. I am flabbergasted at the copious amounts of toilet paper we flush away. You know I can literally hear the “ka-ching” sound when I hear the toilet flush.

Considering how I was constipated for the first 4 months of this pregnancy (thankfully that is no longer an issue), I am starting to wonder  can I really make such a big difference in the usage of toilet paper. I pee ALOT. Like all the time. I only buy BabySoft and believe me I have tried to sneak in other brands BUT my family knows the difference. Have you seen the price tag on Toilet Paper??? It costs a fucking fortune only for you to wipe your ass and flush that fortune down the toilet. Literally!

Alas, I will continue to buy the BabySoft as I do think that there are certain “luxuries” that we deserve. We all have certain luxuries/privileges that we are not willing to forgo just to save a buck. (Do you know that my Dude believes he can only eat Woolworths cheese and that Dudie seems to think that he can only eat Lays chips? A post on luxuries/privileges best left for another day.)

Some days I think if the toilet really made the “ka-ching” sound when you flushed it would sound like a Casino in our house.

On that note let me go use the toilet. Please pass the toilet paper.


Spirited Mama

P.S It’s FRIDAY!!!!! I just sat through Dudie’s music concert at school – it was cute to watch the little people perform for the audience. Seems my resident alien enjoyed the music too.

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  1. HAHAHAH I’ve JUST gotten home from a toilet paper run and I stood in the shop wondering if we should downgrade to one ply EEK – but I’m happy to say that 18rolls of Baby soft was R20 cheaper than a brand I’ve never even heard of for the same amount of rolls. YAY Spar!

    • Nooooo, not one ply. You know that’s the funny thing-how come Babysoft is “sometimes” cheaper than unknown brands. I always compare but never buy the “other” brands. Bought Woolworths brand once and Dude immediately noticed or rather felt it and said “Please don’t buy that toilet paper again”. My family is spoilt.

  2. Heather

    very funny! I also like baby soft but my husband likes awful one ply.

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