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Because it’s V-day

Valentines Day or commonly referred to as V-day

Because it’s V-day I thought I’d add my 2 cents…We are not phased by celebrating Valentines Day, as I do think its commercialised and just a marketing ploy to guilt people into feeling obligated to “do/buy” something for their significant other. Well, we celebrate our wedding anniversary on 3 Feb, and in case you missed it we just hit the 10 year mark. We sometimes forget that Valentines Day is a thing because actually it not OUR thing.

Don’t get me wrong, it is always great to receive flowers/gift/chocolates from your other half, you decide if he/she is the better half 😂 But why should it be limited to just one day in a year? Technically, what is being said is that no one could be bothered the rest of the year but on Valentines day you’d better make sure that you conform to the norms of society.

Not conforming to Valentines Day norms

Well I say fuck it! We don’t conform to the norms of society. We have special days in our house ALL the time, albeit that Dude is the instigator. Man alive my Dude is a romantic❤ My Dudie, 7years old, is learning from his Dad how to be romantic and how to treat a woman. He sees the love.

Dudie bought myself and his valentine, a girl in his class, a rose each. I asked him what a valentine does or is suppose to do? You know cos this Mom needs to know what information is being shared on the playgroud….Thankfully according to Dudie a valentine just gives each other a flower/gift. And by the way, the girl asked him…I thought it was odd as he never bothered with it before. I used to be the old girl that got his gifts☺ I cringe thinking about what discussions transpire on playgrounds. Do you know what your kids are discussing with their peers?

So here’s to Valentines Day🍾Whether you celebrate it or not, enjoy either way….

Spirited Mama



So it was officially women’s day yesterday, 9 August  and yes I know there is alot of history behind but I will spare you the info (click here if you need to know why we celebrate women’s day). I just wanted this day for myself. You see I don’t have to do the usual school run or even go to work. Bless the government for giving WOMEN a special day and making it a public holiday. <Dear Government, My Dude is very pissed at you. He wants to know why MEN don’t have their own special day. But we will continue this conversation on another day…

So I wanted to lie in bed and have a hearty breakfast of Ferrero Rocher but alas….Let’s just say that my family has been dealt a few blows and we are still in shock and trying to just come to terms with the situation….

download (2)

On the other hand I have been receiving random emails about The Working Mothers Expo. Now initially I thought I was being spammed as usual. Probably someone wanting to hack my credit card but I ‘ve got news for you….you won’t get much >LOL! But it seems this expo is legitimate. I have been reading up on it and I am actually intrigued to find out more about it.

If you are interested go check it out The Working Mothers Expo. It’s happening 4-6 Nov 2016 in Sandton, Johannesburg.

HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY to all the WOMEN out there. Enjoy you day off…

Be beautiful. Be brave. Be YOU!

Spirited Mama

P.S. I have these little conversations with myself, in my head, all the time. So I have now resorted to giving myself an inspirational pep talk. How do you like my motto for now?

Be beautiful. Be brave. Be YOU!

P.P.S. I had a draft of this post but I just couldn’t bring myself to log on yesterday. I edited this post because of course now it was completely out of context. Many tears were shed yesterday but I read somewhere that “tears are liquid prayers”. Today I feel a sense of calm but yet the uncertainty and anxiety is eating at me…Today might not be a great day but perhaps tomorrow will be. I will try again tomorrow.


Confused, Consumed, Constricted…

So I’ve been AWOL for a while…and from my last post just to say that I’m still here in the blogosphere but I’m just taking a bit of a “break” it seems I have extended that break.  I think I’m suffering from writers block.  Seriously…I have loads of topics to blog about.  All real life heart and gut wretching experiences/events in Spiritville but I guess I’ve been battling to transfer these experiences into blog posts.  Maybe it’s a good thing as I do think some things are just left unsaid and I can safely say that I’ve been in a bit ok wayyyy more than a bit of an PMS/IBS mood . 

Dude and I have been in a odd space too.  Sort of like we were not connecting?   He’s under a lot of stress due to work, and Murphy is not far behind with all kinds of fun dilemmas, i.e. me/dudie/traffic/the dogs/finances/family/his mom… you know normal stuff. Hehehe… I’ve had my fair share thanks to Murphy!  For the record we’re still not speaking to his Mom since the incident… Not even sure if I blogged about it but let’s just say that it was a deal breaker and definitely not something that would blow over. 

It’s sad because Dudie doesn’t even want to talk to her when she calls so on average 1 out of 10 times she calls he’ll speak to her.  And I can bet on the fact that she blames us for him choosing NOT to speak to her.  We have made a conscious effort to raise Dudie differently from how we were raised.  If our parents were upset with a family member the entire family was kept away from that person.  We decided that Dudie has no issues with anyone so we will take him to see whomever he wants.  We will not deprive him from having relationships with his extended family.

I’ve been so busy even though I only work half day it is truly unbelievable how busy my days can be. At work and at home.  That other half is always occupied with something.  In the last week Dude has been working shifts so I was Mom & Dad as we only saw Dad in the morning really and he was sleeping when we left so we literally only said goodbye each morning.


I think it’s because I’ve been so all over the show that I feel that I somehow have not been managing my time well.  I just want to come home and crawl into bed at 1pm in the day!

I want to eat cupcakes and cakes and tarts and sweet desserts ALL the time!!! And before you ask, NO I’m not pregnant.  Not really sure WTH is happening….So for now I’m stuffing my face and kinda feeling sorry for myself because I can feel that cupcake on my @$$….But tomorrow I will swim an extra lap just to justify that treat…

Oh and did I mention that one of our dogs is at the animal hospital?  Mystery diagnosis? Mystery bill coming soon!!!!  We just took our latest edition to the Doctor for her monthly vaccines.  R330 later.  I’ve really forgotten how expensive a puppy can be!

Donations are welcome J  Half day job = half a salary. LOKL…that took some getting used to.  Sometimes I still have a scream into my pillow when that sms comes in from the bank.  I console myself with some chocolate! Chocolate fixes everything.

Happy Friday all.

Spirited Mama

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