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This too shall pass…………………..

I hope it passes quickly. At least I’m seeing the humour again. So slowly but surely I’m coming back….

I am keeping my head above water. I’m dreaming of our mini getaway this weekend all whilst I’m running my “To Do” List in my head. My list is freaking me out. And I need to submit an assignment on Monday too. I’m hoping to submit before we leave so that I can have worry/stress free break. I have reports/list/memos/etc that I need to get done and here I’m blogging. I’m blogging about being swamped when in fact I should really just put my head down and get on with it.

Looks like I’m pulling an all nighter tonight. And possibly Friday!!!!

In other news my frog, aka Dudie, has advanced to level 3 at his Swimming school. We’re so proud of the frog.

We going to the Oktoberfest on Friday night. Yay! This will be our first as every year we say we’re going but never go.

Saturday morning we fly out to George. I’m dreaming of sitting at the beach, having seafood and an ice-cold savanna. Savanna goes down well with Seafood 🙂

On that note, I bid you farewell. Donations of positive energy will be much appreciated.

Spirited Mama

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  1. alittlelessfluff

    I did the same yesterday! Had a ton of work but just couldn’t take it anymore. So I blogged instead!
    Yay for you! Have fun and enjoy and relax! So jealous right now! Haha!

  2. Positive vibes on its way, although a bit late!!

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