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Update on the Weekly Bucket List

Wow, it’s only Tuesday but let me update the weekly bucket list.

< I am effiecientat night. Dude & Dudie went to bed at 8 – 8:30ish and I stayed on the couch cos if I watch TV in bed, I will definitely fall asleep. And I wanted to paint… Felt somewhat creative.>

Let’s cross off some items:

1. Make cup-a-cake (Do you know that you can make a single serving in a coffee mug and add custard/ice-cream/whatever you want to it?) Done with custard! Delicious!





2. Share Breakfast with Dude (Maybe I’ll surprise him at work?)

3. Have a good Cuddle with Dudie

4. Dance Done – Read all about it here

5. Share a bath with Dudie…(We haven’t done this in a while)

6. Eat Ice-cream infront of the fireplace (it’s getting cold now so it’s time for fireplaces to be lit…)

7. Print “Dad & Son” photo for his Father’s Day frame (I bought the frame in January already!)

8. Attempt some craft project (I have a rough idea of what I want to do) Done, I surprised myself! I stole borrowed the idea from Marcia’s post at 1, 2, 3, blog It’s not that I don not like white backgrounds, I just feel that there’s so much colour in the world, Why not use it? What do you think???










9. Read/Read/Read (This weekend I got such great books for the Dudie. I love how he loves books! Just like me) – Work in progress. Currently reading





Very interesting. I’m savouring this one!

10. Camp out in Dudie’s room (Tent/sleeping bags, etc)


At this rate, I will finish these goals.

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Me and Mrs Jones….


When I’m overworked!~


  1. Wow! You’re doing great. I gree, with this rate you will finish these goals in no time at all.


    Your craft looks GORGEOUS!!!! Now that’s what I was expecting of mine 🙁

    I’m going to paint over it and start again. Either that or I need to practise my technique. Please tell me did you just dip your bottle in the paint or did you paint with a brush the tips of the bottle first?

    And yes, I like the pink background much better than the white!!!

    • Thank you *with a proper curtsy* . Nope -no practise required. Just dip your bottle straight in. I let some of the excess paint drip off then I dropped it on the canvas.
      *Hint* I used a 1L bottle. I tried the 2L/1L/500ml but I liked the size of the 1L the most 🙂

      Going to try and do another as my MIL also wants one and I’m not willing to part with mine…
      Please post a pic of yours when you’re done.

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